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2a) Hess law states the heat envolved in a chemical process is the same whether the process takes place in one or several steps. The amount of energy depends only on the state of reactants and products.

2b) The reaction rate for a given chemical reaction is the measure of change in concentration of the reactants or the change in concentration of a product per unit.

App1) A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed by the reaction. The rate of the reaction is increased as this alternative route has a lower activation energy than the reaction route by the catalyst.

3t) Law rate equation R= k[A]^m [B]^n

(0.105/0.052)^m = 7.1x10^-5/3.5x10^-5, 2.01^m=2.03, m=1

[0.30/0.15]^n = 7.1x10^-5/1.8x10^-5 , 2^n=3.94, n= log 3.94/log2, n= 1.92 or n=2 , therefore R= k[A]^(1) [B]^(2)

b) reaction order = m+n, = 1+2, = 3

c) 3.5x10^-5= k[0.052]^1 [0.30]^2

3.5x10^-5 = k[0.052][0.09]

3.5x10^-5/(0.051x0.09) = k

k= 7.8x10^-3 J

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