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A Company stands a better chance of having an international arbitration award Upheld if its home-country government has signed: the New York Convention
-A Formal legal document that gives an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, And sell an invention for a specified period of time is known as: patent.
-A Proposed merger between two Swiss-based global pharmaceutical regulators? European Commission
-Acc. To the Transparency Intl.S Corruption Perceptions Index scores for 2010, the Country which was listed as most corrupt was: Somalia.
-After Fidel Castro took power in Cuba, his action against these companies? Confiscation
-Any Company doing business outside the home country should study political culture
-Any Western country doing business in Malaysia or the Middle East should have an Understanding of: Islamic law
-As Part of their alliance relationship, Northwest Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch antitrust.
-Bureaucracy Is listed as a political risk category by: EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit).
-Categories Of political risk listed by EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) include except political turmoil.
-Consten, A French company, taken by different legal bodies?) The European Commission ruled that German Grundig was in violation of the Laws of the Common Market.
-Counterfeiting Is: the unauthorized copying or production of a product
-Despite The positive publicity, the phrases except: political culture.
-Engineers At a company in a developing country study an American computer chip design, Form of intellectual property patent
-Harley-Davidson Has applied for federal protection of an unusual trademark
-In 2005, representatives from several wine regions UE and USA bans the misuse of place names by marketers of wine products that do not Originate in those places.
-In A recent case, Revlon sued United Overseas. The court dismissed UOL's claim. This is an issue related with:  jurisdiction.
-In Accordance with GATT, new U.S. Patents are granted for a period of ________ Years from the filing date. 20
-In Many parts of the world, When illegal copies of movies are made, what form of Intellectual property has been wrongly appropriated? Copyright
-In Order to fight piracy in China, Budweiser Beer's approach includes beer cans in China have fluted edges.
-In West Africa which of the following would be correct? Burkina Faso,  Ivory Coast,Senegal are common-law countries
-Islamic Law is a comprehensive code based in part on the Koran.
-Italy Recently introduced the Reguzzoni-Versace Law correct except: at least four stages of production should occur in Italy for the Product to be labeled as "Made in Italy."
-Located In The Hague, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ) United Nations.
-not A common-law country? Korea
-Only Sony can use the "Walkman" name on its line of personal stereos. This Is because: "Walkman" is a registered Sony trademark.
-OPEC Can be considered as a "cartel" which is a group of separate Companies that sets prices, controls output, or takes other Actions to maximize profits.
-Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company disadvantage governments use Strict control for security reasons.
-The Company receiving the most U.S. Patents for the year 2009 is: IBM.
-The Company receiving the most U.S. Patents in 2009 was IBM.
-The European Commission has jurisdiction If Microsoft applies in Europe, except: it can refer serious matters to the UN Security Council.

-The Following criminal penalties may be imposed for violations of the FCPA'S (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) antibribery provisions except: fines imposed on individuals can be paid by their employer or Principal.

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