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1920: The Dry Law is implemented in the United States.1920: First meeting of the League of Nations. There are 29 countries.1920: Women vote in the US.1921: With only 57 members, the Communist Party is created in China.1921: Terrible famine in Russia.1922: The British imprison Mahatma Gandhi.1923: In Paris, electric lights are used for the first time.1923: Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera.1924: The new swimsuits make the arms and legs visible.1926: Hiro Hito is proclaimed new emperor of Japan to the 25 years.1927: Duke Ellington begins playing at the Cotton Club.1927: American flyer Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic nonstop.1927: The jazz singer, first film starring Al Jolson.1927: Chiang Kai-chek crushes a coup attempt by the Communists.1927: The Ford Model A is launched in four colors.1928: A medical visits service begins in Australia.1929: Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago.1929: The Fascist Party of Musolini forms Government in Italy fraudulently.1929: Strong fall of the New York Stock Exchange.

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Law 19983 on