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reflects the fundamental principles of the education system, ending the problems of return of education. is the real consolidation of the first liberal education system and the stability of a legislative model for over a century.
moyano Act 1857, contains 4 sections:
1 .- Study, regulates levels of the educational system: primary education, divided into elementary (free for the poor) and upper secondary education and higher level studies faculties.
2. -educational establishments, governing public schools and private.
3. Public teacher-regulates the initial formation, how to access teacher and public bodies.
4. -three nivelesde administration, education, central, provincial and local levels, rather flatter their main characteristics sn the marked centralization of instruction, sucaracter moderate and the incorporation of technical and vocational education to secondary school. well as the recognition of private study (academic freedom)

moyano law presented some general characteristics:
-centralizing trend - conservatism - freedom of teaching, private instruction consolidation - incorporation of higher technical studies and vocational education-free, to pay puediran whose father sno-hallmarks of liberal education system.

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