Law of national movement"

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The period 1939-1959
The political system
"Initially it was totalitarian, because concentrated Franco head of state and government, and only admitted a political organization, the National Movement.
"From 1942 he tried to give a veneer of democracy by restoring the Cortes, but only in an advisory and approve the laws passed by Franco, and in 1947 made Spain a kingdom, but establishing that Franco would take the head of state until his death, entitled to appoint a successor.
The opposition
-On the outside came from the exiles, who formed a republican government in exile, and the monarchists, led by Don Juan de Bourbon (son of Alfonso XIII), who wanted to restore the monarchy.
"In the interior came from guerrilla groups, clandestine groups of communists, socialists and anarchists, and the Catalan and Basque nationalists.

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