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Origin of the Family of Bolivar: The bolivar decended from the old house of Vizcaya (Spain) Bolivar's father is Juan Vicente Bolivar and Maria Concepcion Palacios y Blanco. Born in Caracas on July 24, 1783, and his full name is Simon Jose Antonio. Master of freedom: 1) Miguel Jose Sanz 2) The father Andujar 3) Andres Bello 4) Guillermo Pelsion 5) Simon Rodriguez (The verdadro teacher). Bolivar Trips: First trip: Europe is performed when there was 15 lives in the house of the Marquis of Ustariz met with Maria Teresa Toro marries kien Esapaña and is located in France and known before reaching Spain through Mexico and Cuba. Second trip: do it to get distracted by the loss of his wife, but here consolidated: ideas of fighting for the freedom of the peoples of America. This culminates in Monte Sacro, Rome, and his Oath to their teachers Simon Rodriguez, this trip visits to Spain, England, France, Portugal, Italy and portede Australia and Germany.Third voyage: to Europe, ranging from diplomat to Great Britain. Bolivar as a social reformer: egalitarianism: if all have equal and all rights guarantees Simon Bolivar Practive the principle of equality to society because we all have the same rights . Not all men and women are equal by nature, but laws c difencia ests responsible for correcting, so that everyone has access to education, the arts, work, freedom and so have a fair political and social equality. Public Opinion: Simon gave a high value on the opinion issued by different groups solciales about their performance and independence of yak proceson gauge public opinion could make it or the case in your favor. According to Bolivar the public opinion is worth more than an army. Lejitimidad of property:This is enshrined in our consitucion k k garantis personal security is the end of every society. Power moral would consist of a chairman and 40 members as the name would carry k Areopagus (High Court) that he exercised supreme authority over the independent costubres public and on early education. The aereopago c composed by 2 cameras 1) Educion2) Ural

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