Someone left the phone off the hook all night

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1. If you hadn't persuaded me, I would never have forgiven my self

2. I wish I could have a hot bath this evening
3. If the company delivered its goods on time, we wouldn't have to apologise to all our customers.
4. It will be very dark by the time we arribe in london
5. If Roger's lef doesn't hurt, he will run in the marathon tomorrow.
6. She would have prepared a room for me if she had know I was coming.
1. Had played basketball
2. He ask nicely, whe won't lend him her mp3
3. Hadn't been so rude to him, he he would have invited you to his party
4. I didn't shout a lot
5. I had debbie's phone numer, I could call her.
6.My plane lands tomorrow night, I'll call you

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