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Consumer advocates: Groups and individuals who work to protect, inform and defend consumers

Grade labels: Indicate the level of quality of foods
Recall: is an order to take back and repair or replace a product that has defective parts
Legal Monopoly: a company that is allowed to operate without competition 
License: Permits to conduct business.
Behalf: in the interest of or to benefit domeone else 
Panel: A group of person who discuss a topic of public interest 
Supplements:Something that completes or makes an addition 
Assurance: A statement intented to inspire confidense 
Price discrimination: Is the act of charging more than one price for the same product or service in different markets or to different customers
Warranty: Is a promise or guarantee given to a costumer that a product will meet certain standar 
Express Warranty: Is a writing or verbal warranty 
Full warranty: Is a guarantee about quality of goods or services
Limited Warranty: Covers only certain parts of the product or requires the consumer to bear some of the expense in case repairs are needed 
Better Business Bureau (BBB): Is a nonprofit organization that collects infromation on local business and handles complaints.
Justify:To prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable 
Guarantee: An assurance for the fulfillment of a condition 
Reveal: To make publicly or generally know 
Community: A body of persons of common and specially professional interest scattered through a larger society 

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