Legal monism

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Coastal trade-the slave trade that sent thousands of slave to sugar plantations in Louisiana

 Inland system-the slave trade s
ystem of the country that fed slaves to the south to harvest cotton.

 Chattel principle-slaves have legal ownership of property and it can be bought or sold.

 Benevolent Masters-Slave owners who considered themselves committed to the wellbeing of their slaves.

 Positive Good- argued that the idea of slavery was a "positive good" because it proved white people were superior to Africans.

 Gang Labor System-slaves would get together and form groups to increase productivity of their labor.

 Slave Society-a society in which the institution of slavery affects all aspects of life

 Alamo-The Mexican armies defeat of the Americans defending the Alamo in san Antonio.

 Secret Ballot-A form of voting that allowed the voters a choice to have their vote be private.

 Tank System-slaves were assigned a daily task to complete and allowed to do as he wished after it was completed

 James Henry Hammond- wealthy plantation owner in south Carolina

 Stephen Austin-founder of Texas, "Father of Texas"

 Harriet Jacobs- African American who escaped slaver and wrote the first autobiography from a female slave.


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