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services that CPAs
1. Audit and assurance services Assurance services are independent
professional services improve quality of information for decision makers.
2. Accounting and bookkeeping: major source of revenue for most large CPA firms.
3. Tax :are more common to many small firms.
4. Management consulting:that are not audit clients.

Structure of CPA Firms:
independence, competence, Incr. Litigation risk.
CPA :The legal right to perform audits is granted to CPA firms.Also provide many other services 

1. Provides oversight
2. Establishes auditing and quality control standards
3. Performs inspections of the quality controls.
4. Compliance with the rules of the PCAOB
5. Requires annual inspections of audit firms 100 issuers and once every 3 years.

-SEC :the purpose is to assist in providing investors with reliable information upon which to make investment decisions.

-IFAC works to improve the uniformity of auditing practices and related services throughout the world.

-The 10 GAAS are too general to provide meaningful guidance.

-SAS interpret the 10 generally accepted auditing standards and are the most authoritative references available to auditors.

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