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White deer

In this legend appears Aragonese nobleman, Don Dinis, who had a daughter, Constance, and this was a personal servant named Garcés. One day after finishing the game they all gathered under some trees and came a lad which Don Dinis told that was fine because I thought that all the deer were against him, and one day looking for deer appeared a Corzas group led by a white doe to him fled in panic. Everyone laughed at least thank Esteban Garcés not stop thinking about the story of the white deer. Garcés loved Constance, and thought that if he caught the white deer for her, it would fall into his arms surrendered. Castle left the armed thinking that would catch their prey, and after battling all the elements he spied her with his flock, and the white deer was caught in a thicket, he could approach her and try to catch her, but when the deer was going to do it spoke and was so surprised he was released and tried to escape, but Garcés threw an arrow and hit the target, but in reality the deer was Constance wallowing in his own blood after being hit by the arrow of her suitor. 2. THEME: The transformation causes the love becomes death.3. DIVISION OF THE PROJECT: Two sides, but in the second half we could find two part: the first in which Garcés plot of deer hunting and preparing for it, and the other when there is hunting and injures his amada.4. TYPE OF TEXT: A Legend of Aragon, which uses as a guideline hadas.En tales this text mate a combination of narrative and dialogue, but also appears descripción.5. FRAMEWORK IN WHICH JOINS THE WORK: It is a legend that is supposed to know Becquer and this tells us nosotros.6. Characters: Main: Esteban, Constance, Don Dinis, Garcés. Secondary: the hunters that accompany Don Dinis, servants of the castle, ... 7. WEATHER: In the years of 1300 and peak (Medieval Age) .8. SPACE: In a small place of Aragon, and places mentioned Tarazona, South Fitera, and the land of Veratón

Green eyes

Fernando and his cavalcade were hunting in the forest. Then they saw in the distance a deer and began to shoot. It hurt, but the deer kept running into an area of forest where nobody dared to enter because a legend said that there was a fountain where he lived an evil spirit. The ride stopped, but Fernando went in search of its prey, ignoring warnings Iñigo one of his vassals.

From the day I went to the fountain of the Alamos, Fernando was not going to hunt, was away, got up early and went every day to the source. Once when I was looking at the calm waters of the fountain was a eye on the bottom. Green eyes, in which he could not stop thinking. Going to the source continued until one day, saw her sitting in one of the source rocks to a beautiful woman with green eyes he had seen in the background. He spoke with her whenever he saw her, but she never said a word. Except once, when Fernando said "I love you" and then she told him she lived in the source, who was an evil spirit far and she also loved. So Fernando kissed and fell to the bottom of the source.


The story is set on a hill soriano, called Monte de las Animas, on All Souls' Day. It begins with an expedition of hunters there, but is already preparing the return, since it is November 1, All Saints Day, just before the terrible date. This is how Beatrice and Alonso, sons of the Earls of Borges and Alcudiel, with his parents and pages, on horseback, the road to begin the hunt.Alonso, who is a hunter, he begins to tell a legend, that of Monte de las Animas. Apparently, this mountain, which called for the souls belonged to the Templars, who were warriors and religious at once. When the Arabs were expelled from Soria, the king had come to defend the city, which offended the nobles of Castile and created some hostility between them. So began a deep struggle until the king ended the awful battle, the hill was abandoned and the chapel of the monks were buried the bodies of each other. Since then, when the night of the dead runs the legend that the spirits of the dead are with all the forest animals, dead of fear and no one wants to stay there for this fecha.Una Once home of the Earls and sitting by the fire, and Alonso Beatriz only remained outside the general conversation, until the boy broke his long silence, communicating to his cousin would soon be separated and that before that he wanted to give a jewel. Beatriz told him to accept his gift could compromise his will, and then told him that Alonso was on All Saints' and therefore a day of celebration for everyone. She said nothing, accepted the gift and he asked something of your own. Beatriz agreed and said that the mountain of lost souls who wore the blue ribbon in the hunt, and just wanted to give it away. At these words, Alonso, still feeling able to fight against the wolves, was not brave enough to go at night to the woods and find that lost item. But seeing a wry smile of Beatrice, got up and scared to death went to the mountain on his horse, saying goodbye to the beautiful. Were spent the hours until midnight and Beatriz could not sleep got up to pray believing hear his name when he was just the wind that whipped her window. So scared and insomnia, hearing the bells of the city of Soria, until it was dawn. When he got up, being on the verge of laughing at herself for having so scared last night, saw his torn and bleeding blue stripe on his bedside table. Beatriz froze, her eyes haggard as his servants came to warn Alonso had been devoured by wolves from the mountain, was found dead still and horror.

The Miserere

A man finds a book in an abbey. The man, reading the book, discovered at the edge of a page a word that did not know the meaning, so I asked an old man the meaning of this. The old man recognizes the word and tells the "researcher" an old legend.

It said that some time ago a man walked into the abbey seeking shelter and a piece of bread. Those who then lived in the abbey did not give any problem, since virtually it was her job. At dinner, the monks began to ask questions of the newcomer. He was answering almost every question until they reached one of which did not come out, "that you do?". Replenished man who was a musician and that at that time was the end of the Miserere for the Lord will forgive all their sins. Upon hearing this, one of the monks gathered there told him that his job was done because at that monastery in the mountains who had heard the monks chant every night dead Miserere. The musician decided to climb to the monastery and take notes in order to complete the score. He was already inside when they saw the monastery was rebuilt only the skeletons of the monks climbed up the mountainside to be placed in a line to sing the song. The stunned man try to stay alert to the response of so many years of work, but when the monks were on verse 10, he left a big flash frozen and left him unconscious.When he awoke the next day, went down the mountain to reach the abbey and sought refuge there to write the Miserere. Wrote down everything I hear, but when I try to write the end it was impossible. He wrote many drafts but did not, such was his frustration that he died mad.

Maese Perez, the organist

In this legend, the mystery revolves around the death of M. Pérez and how his spirit is still playing after his death.

The legend begins on Christmas Eve, when it was to celebrate midnight mass at the convent of Santa Inés, Sevilla. The church was lit in an astonishing way, and there was the best of the nobility in Seville, the archbishop and his family because Master Perez was the best organist ciudad.Era time to begin the Mass and it did not start because Master Perez had been taken ill. The news spread instantly among all people, and then a man badly laid, dry, bony and cross-eyed (crossed) stood before the bishop and he offered to play the organ. The archbishop accepted the offer, but suddenly, there were cries of joy saying that Master had come to convento.Maese Pérez Pérez was pale and haggard and entered the church brought in a chair. He knew it was the last night I could play the organ and wanted to bid him farewell. He began the Mass and the organ sounded majestic, until suddenly he heard a piercing scream of a woman, was the daughter of M. Perez had seen how his father moría.Al following year, the church of the convent of Santa Inés, was the organist at San Román (which last year had offered when Master came Pérez), who everyone considered a bad musician, but when he began playing the organ sounded like with Master Pérez. People were amazed, but the organist when she had vowed would never touch that body, and then the archbishop invited him to play the of the Cathedral the following year, and he aceptó.Al following year, ie two years after death of M. Perez, the abbess of the convent of Santa Inés asked the daughter of M. Perez (nun had gone to the death of his father), to play the organ at the midnight mass. She replied that I was very scared because the previous night had seen his father play the organ. The abbess told him that this was fantasy and forget it, because his father was in heaven and from there to inspire him to play well in that ceremony solemne.Comenzó Mass and nothing happened until it was remarkable dedication in the moment they heard a cry of the daughter of M. Perez, said that while he watched his father play the organ. The body was alone, but still ringing. It was the spirit of M. Perez, who played the organ.

This also solved the mystery of the organist of San Roman, that is, he did not play last year but was the spirit of M. Pérez.

1 - SPACE: Sevilla, Convento de Santa Inés.

2 - TIME: The Golden Age, time of Philip II. The action takes place over two years since Master Perez dies until his spirit returns to play the organ.

The moonlight

The following legend tells the life of a man, Manrique, very closed in itself was a noble solitude much appreciated. He loved poetry and thus their solitary nature and power allowed him to think about removing your mind. A warm summer's night saw a woman went to the monastery of the Templars, he followed her and tried to reach out and talk to her, but despite all their attempts failed to reach it until he came to he assumed that was his home . But when he touched the door and asked who lived there, the person who opened it said was the house of Alonso de Valdecuellos who was the chief huntsman of the king and who lived alone.After a while he saw her from the balcony and turned to follow but much more closely and was able to realize that what he saw was a ray of moonlight in the middle of the forest, which gave voice to the wind that crashed into trees. This led to our player in a deep depression thinking that life was a hoax and love was a ray of moonlight.

2. THEME: Love idealizado.3. DIVISION OF WORK: Introduction, six sections (one, four and one) and a epílogo.4. TYPE OF TEXT: Soria is a legend. It may be a story or a story, are experiences of a man. Part of the work belongs to popular legend, but a part inventada.En this text is the narrative, also some description (the landscape, architecture, vegetation ...), and we see a form of dialogue in which Manrique talks to mismo.5. FRAMEWORK IN WHICH JOINS THE WORK: It may have been a very long novel in the past, but he did a short story for publication in a newspaper, as He gusta.7. TIME: The action takes place in the Middle Ages .8. SPACE: The entire play takes place in Soria: the Duero River in the Templars and the Ermita de San Saturio (Barrio de San Juan).


1. Abstract:

French troops enter Toledo in the early nineteenth century. One of the captains is housed in a church with some of his soldiers. The next day, officers gather at the Zocodover and ask the captain to that he spent the night, this says a noise woke him up at night and before bed in the dark could see a beautiful woman but this was marble , at his side stood another statue, but this time from a soldier who the captain assumed was her husband. Upon hearing this, his comrades decide to go see her that night while providing them with wine. Officers investigate and discover that the statues belong to a famous warrior and his wife Dona Elvira Castañeda. When all come to the church are fascinated and start drinking. A soldier throws a glass of wine in the face of the statue of the warrior, moments later the captain tries to kiss his lips, the statue of Donna Elvira, but her husband, marble, raises his arm and giving the officer in the face, this just bleeding from mouth, nose and eyes.

to kiss the warrior raised his arm and gave him a blow that knocked him to the ground bleeding from the mouth, nose and eyes.

THE GOLDEN bracelet:

(Legend Toledo)

Context in which case the fantasy element: Pedro, possibly at the request or to please his beloved Mary, remains unknown, tried to steal the gold bracelet Lady of the Cathedral of Toledo has one of his hands. In his attempt, the floor of the cathedral becomes graves, all the statues down from their holes and take the area of the church and look at Peter with eyes without pupils, it also sees a world of reptiles and vermin. After so many impressions falls unconscious on the altar and when he wakes even has the gold bracelet in her hands, but apparently gone mad.

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