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It's about a girl called Cristina.One day,she saw two men in a car.One of then had a gun.They were bank robbers ,and she saw their faces.They didn't want her to tell the police,so they planned to kill her.

First,one of the robbers attacked her at the gym,bu luckily,she only hurt her arm.After this,she was on the street with her friend,Philippe,when one of the robbers drove his car into them.Philippe was hurt and had to go to the hospital.
Cristina went to visit Philippe.When she left the hospital in her friend car,the robbers folllowed her.Christina saw tha they had a gun and understood that they wanted to kill her.She was frightened,but she stayed calm.The robbers were close behind her,but they were driving too fast and couldn't stop.They crashed their car,and it overturned.Then the police caught both the robbers

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