Lend left left

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be, was, been. Become, became, become. Begin, began begun. Break, broke, broken. Bring, brought, brought. Build, built, built. Buy, bought, bought. Can, could, could. Catch, caught, caught. Choose,chose, chosen. Come, came, come. Cost, cost, cost. Cut, cut, cut. Do, did, done. Drink, drank, drunk. Drive, drove, driven. Eat, ate, eaten. Fall, fell, fallen. Feel, felt, felt. Find, found, found. Fly, flew, flown. Forget, forgot, forgotten. Get, got, got. Give, gave, given. Go, went, gone. Grow, grew, grown. Have, had, had. Hear, heard, heard. Hit, hit, hit. Keep, kept, kept. Know, knew, known. Write, wrote, written. Win, won, won. Wear, wore, worn. Wake, woke, woken. Understand, understood, understood. Throw, threw, thrown. Thing, thought, thought. Tell, told, told. Teach, taught, taught. Take, took, taken. Swin, swam, swum. Steal, stole, stolen. Stand, stood, stood. Spend, spent, spent. Speak, spoke, spoken. Sleep, slept, slept. Sit, sat, sat. Sing, sang, sung. Shut, shut, shut. Send, sent, sent. Sell, sold, sold. See, saw, seen. Say, said, said. Run, ran, run. Ring, rang, rung. Read, read, read. Put, put, put. Pay, paid, paid. Meet, met, met. Make, made made. Lose, lost, lost. Let, let, let. Lend, lent, lent. Leave, left, left. Learn, learnt, learnt.

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