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*Parte 1:

4 Complete the sentences. present simple:  Jaime Doesn´t g. Rosa watches. We live. Jon and Marcus play. My mun doesn-t speak. My sister study. My brother often listens/ loves.

6It´s warm. Its snowing.Cold.Rainnig. Hot.Sunny. Cloudy windy.

*Parte 2: 

1Your brother is

my dad inst drinking

liz is talkimg

-i am noy eating

my friends are buying

neil and helen are walking

2 Are your friends watching a film? Yes they are

Is it raining now? It insnt

Are you doing an exam? I am

is Bob having kunch? He is

3 do. Doesn´t play. Go. Studies. Watches

4. CAn you help us? I can´t find them? I can find it? Can you see him? Can you give me some? Her.I saw them.

8 buy/bought. Come/came. Drink/drank. Know/knew. Speak/spoke. Go/went. Make/made. Think/thought. Have/hed. Meet/met

9I will visit. I Will learn. Passes.  will be. Will save

10. If you buy the food, I will cook.... We will not play tennis, If it rains. If he goes to Paris, he will visit the... I will go to university, If I studys a lot

7. More interesting. The worst (bad) older. The hotset. The cheapest. The worse (bad) the best

5. Willtravel/wan´t. Always does. Never watches/doesn`t like. Married/moved. Were/ didn´t return. Usaully go/ takes. The banks open. Drives. Usually work/ will study. Is sleeping. Always rains. Saw. Will be.

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