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It answers the intention of giving the work a pedagogical efoque, there are several types are distinguished:
-Prose doctrinal writings thoughtful-philosophical-type (Baltasar Gracian) is characterized by verbal wit, precision and expressive riigor. Responds to a doctrinal intention to find a model of person able to overcome the defects.
works-The Hero / Oracle manual prudence and art / art acuity and wit / the Criticon.
-Prose philological works devoted to the study of Spanish language. Sebastian de Covarrubias (Treasury of the Castilian or Spanish)
"The sacred oratory, organized to introduce religious doctrine to defend and strengthen faith. Hortendio Fray Felix Paravicio, represents the pinnacle of Baroque sacred oratory
Prose fiction
The authors of the time cultivated the novels in different ways:
novel pessimistic feelings, disappointment and nostalgia, more ironic and moralistic aspects, the characters are not believable, embodies the opposite of a hero (antiheroe), disappears honrradez
Lucianesco Story: incorporates elements of fantasy and magical place. Francisco Quevedo (Dreams) Luis Velez de Guevara (The Devil lame). Science-fiction novel of the time.
The novella, short stories, are situated in large cities and have upper-class characters, revolves around the love and honor. Alonso Castillo Solorzano, picaresque and short stories, anthology works as entertaining afternoon. Maria de Zayas, his women protagonists mima vindicate the social freedom enjoyed by the male of that era. His most significant is amorous and exemplary novels.
The novel Byzantine novels had such great development, the theme of the adventures. Lopez de Vega (The Pilgrim at home)
The novel Celestina: Dialog, based in the tradition of La Celestina, amorous themes with the influence of servants and alcahuetas.Lopez de Vega (La dorotea)
Picaresque novel resembles the hustler guide, this book introduces some changes in the conception of pizaresca of the previous era, and the rogue is experiencing a series of adventures through which the autro gives us his vision of society
Obta satirical moral, serious works but taririza to ridicule his subjects, Dreams, queveo makes a satire on society, all the time and fortune with brains, begins with a mythological fantasy
Political works, occupies most of the works of Quevedo, the politics of God is the + important and life of Marcus Brutus
Philosophical work and ascetic, is remarkable the influence of Seneca, of the remedies of any fortune / The cradle and the grave
Religious works, The Life of Saint Thomas of Villanova and Life of St. Paul.
Works festive short satirical writings in which he cultivates the humor, wit and ridicule. Needle navigate latiniparla cults and culture
Solid training authored literary recolución that suposo adimró the poetry of Garcilaso de la Vega, read Fray Luis de Leon and the mystic St. John of the Cross.
The pre cervantes captivity is a Renaissance man and after the captivity, Cervantes lives in the world of Baroque, the precursor of the novel poderna

Effect of Cervantes's work, Cervantes' work is among the most important in the history of literature, Cervantes is considered one of the forerunners of the modern novel.
He let himself be tempted by all the literary sgéneros the genre in which he stressed was the narrative.
The Galatea, pastoral novel consisting of 6 books, 1585 appeared as "first part" p sengunda Cervantes promised but never write it. It contains all the ingredients of the genre partoril, consists of a loving relationship, with a cut over worship.
The work of Persiles and Galatera, Byzantine prose novel, clean city, Cervantes's novel built on three concepts: hair-splitting of the form / structure of the chain of being / Perimigración.
Main intention informative and based on the representative function, sometimes has an ideological intecion through the appellate function.
Short paragraphs and a simple syntax
Linguistic elements
Rasfer lexicons, general purpose register Extand predominates denotation to avoid ambiguity / use of techniques / use of loans / com common acronyms / Using euphemisms to avoid inconvenience expressions.
Morgológicos features and syntactic structures uyilizacion appositives (clarifications) / Using the present perfect, imperfect, and the probation / Audio verbal / The passive voice construciiones / Emprea of estruxturas no verb / Playing tectuales in direct quotations
Linguistic elements
Iconographic code (pictures, images, graphics, cartoons), typography (bold italics laletra size, source)
Generate reports, transmit information objectively and accurately by tectes exhibition with representative function. They can be:
"The notivia, objectively recounts an event of interest to disc: digital society (narrative, expository text) The information is organized in the form of triiángulo invested, the data are sorted by decreasing inportacia manner:
-Contractor, can be formed by antetítulo, a title and a subtitle
-Entradilla, Brebes paragraph that answers the basic questions of journalism the 6w
-Body, develops the content of the news in several paragraphs.
The report, extensive ingormativo story delves into the CIRCUMSTANCES of the facts and investigates the causes, the journalist is based on Gáfica tertimonios and documents, the author is identified, and the issue need not be present (extensive)
The chronicle, the author interprets the events has generally been narraporque their testimony, part of an expanded news and evaluating events (sports, culinary, political, etc.)
Opinion makers
subjective, emotional and poetic appellate function is used as reference resources.
The issuer informed of some events to make its point of view uses a typology expositiva.argumentativa and more literary language use:
-Editorial, newspaper opinion on current issues
-Interview, consists of introduction, body and sometimes a conclusion
-Article journalist offers from their own ideology opinion on a topic of interest.
-Column occupies a permanent section in the newspaper, literary language
-Movie, presents an assessment by an author on the subject especualkuiza

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