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Must consider:
1-The paper is a hierarchical space.
· Place of preference is the first page, in its development work the heads of the newspaper.
· The remainder of the odd pages are preferred
· Within each page in the upper and vertical division on the left.
2-Set the location of the other rankings page are:
· Space designed
· Size of the headlines
• Presence or absence of link boxes
• Presence or absence of graphic elements.

FEATURES journalese

The info journalistic tene pa intended to be valid for any type of reader it must meet the following charac:
· Clear and concise to facilitate understanding of exos
· Objectivity
· Sensillez
Do not allow the two-way communication
· Presupposes in the reader references and background
· Lexicon requires extensive knowledge
Extralinguistic factors also appear:
· Icons (+ attractive to the news
· Use of different font color ..
However, these characteristics vary according to gender and gender of opinion contenido.Los allow more room to the style of each.
One of the main conditions that must file lenguae is how quickly journalists must write the letters. This produces some language services among which are:
-inversion of the logical order of the political sintasisy
-suppression of the auxiliary have stated several ways to composite followed
-utilization of the conditional
Administrative and political language in the press we can see:
-use formulations most prestigious long for believing them (may take various forms)
-use of periphrasis
-use of neologisms
-labor abundant and verbs sustnv belico signf
-utilization of hyperbole
-Use of metonymy
Epica The phenomenon occurs when the journalist makes mistakes in trying to give literary treatment of the facts

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