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A letter of complaint should follow The standard composition format for a formal letter: 

1. Author's address.

Here should appear The name and address of the author. Example:

2. Date. The date indicates when you composed the letter.

3. Receiver's address. Here should appear the name and the Address of the recipient. If possible, the letter should be addressed to a Specific person. Include a courtesy title (such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr.) For the recipient. If you do Not know the name of the receiver, include the qualification of the intended Recipient (for example: Manager; Administrative Officer) or the name of the Company:

4. Greeting

The most common greeting is Dear followed by a courtesy title and the Receiver’s last name. In case you don not know the name of the receiver, you Should write: Dear Sir or Madam

5. Body Here we have four Different parts: Background. Here you should describe the Situation: I am writing this letter in order to inform. Problem. Explain the reason of your complaint in a short paragraph providing Details about the product or service you are complaining about. Here you should Include the date, location and specific details about the product or service. Be sure to give all the relevant information in a clear and logical Sequence: .Solution. Indicate how you would like to solve The problem. Provide details of what your are looking for, what you expect from Them (to return the money, to make a discount, to replace the product, Etc): . Warning (this is optional)..Closing. Indicate they Can contact you about the issue:

6. Signature. It should be brief And courteous. Example: Best regards/ Sincerely/ Yours truly,Name and last name Of the author.

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