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The female figures are the allies of evil. on the Mount of animas beatriz shown as evil (is cold, devilish, proud), in the green eyes the charms of the lady of the lake, leading to death (perfect woman, donates angelicatta, Undine is a fairy, who have green eyes x makes it beautiful outside and inside diabolica x), in the moonlight is the white with blue eyes and flowing hair (according to Manrique, is: Rumer leaves softly as poplars, rhythmic gait and majestic, beautiful thinks like him is like, blue eyes, black hair, mysterious and solitary), in the Christ of the skull, Doña Inés de Tordesillas challenged Alonso and lope xa x duel love (is believed, know it's beautiful ; active and contemptuous character; benevolent gaze).

Male characters

In mascu personal representative deliver the pursuit of the ideal through love or artistic creation (the green eyes, the moonlight pérez organist and Master), crazy dreamer of impossible things (Manrique).
The mount of animas: Alonso: love with his cousin, whom the woman is beautiful, xo she just wants to get rid of it. for the love of Beatrice, he ventured into the Mount of animas, even with fear but with hope.
Green eyes: Fernando: arrogant, defiant, proud, fearless. this love with the lady of the lake, and this is his punishment x enter that part of the forest to the quarry, prmogénito battlements.
Maese Perez the Organizer: blind xo always said that soon he would see again, he would see God, humble and very pious, canonized character, worthy of being holy, he plays very well by the body.
The moonbeam: Manrique: everyone says that he is wildly; noble, read troubadour songs of lonely dreamer of impossible things crazy, is crazy, wait a earthly love that is not obsessed with a woman who does not exist. to his senses after realizing that his''beloved''does not exist, a single ray of moonlight.
The Christ of the skull: Alfonso of sandoval chime and lope in both crave it x love x ines, lifelong friends, born in same place, toledo, brave and fighters.

The mount of animas: sobrenatura what appears when Beatriz Alonso tells that the mountain of the spirits, the day of the dead Templars who died there and noble stand. beatriz also appears while asleep, and heard strange noises, and the next day found his blue band above the bed had made noises from Alonso, who had died to regain his band as they loved her.
Green eyes: the supernatural appears when Fernando decides to go for the wounded prey enters the Fountain of Los Alamos, where they say there lives a demon, goblin or diabolical woman. who dares to enter, is death.
Maese Perez organist: the supernatural parking lot when, the year he died, a man who said he played very badly, wanted to play the organ and xa surprise of all Master sono like perez. The organist, received an offer to go to play the wing cathedral organ. after two years of his death, his daughter dares to touch it, the organ, to start playing, lets out a cry, all come to her, and they see who really plays the organ is the soul of Maese Perez .
The moonlight: the supernatural, is that the main character thinks he sees a lady, a woman with dark hair and blue eyes. in the end discovers that everything is the fruit of his delirium, and what we saw was a moonbeam.
The Christ of the skull: the supernatural appears when the two friends decide to duel in a place where there is a Christ and a skull on his feet, only had the candlelight. Touching their swords, this light goes off, and to separate lights. this happens three times, until they see something that is not wind, it is God who sends them a message: they have always been friends and that a woman will not have to kill. Seeing this, they go for ines, xa k decides who is chosen, and upon arrival, they see taking leave of his lover.

acclimated beker legends and MS recreated distant era with nostalgia and passion x Romantic. ie mount the animas x fact present Templars i k k moving environment in the counts, he parked his green eyes as a hobby with noble game, there are also moonbeam medieval reference, as it refers to the main character is noble Master perez organist and makes references to King Philip (XVI) and xa end, the Christ of the skull says the fact that we set in q this MS, xk in the story mentions that the party members are going to finish the fight against the Moors xa made Castile.
legends characterized stan k x days on set: Christmas Eve (Master pérez organist), the night of the dead (Mount de las Animas) and green eyes, no particular day but at night, presented themselves for a meeting loving.
As often happens on stage in local geography: in soria (moonbeam and the Mount of animas) sevilla (Master perez organist) around Moncayo (green eyes) and Toledo (the Christ of the skull).
The predominant framework nature of the legends and k it, to the romantic, hidden mystery and beauty.

legends are short stories, fantastic character, which dominates the taste x the mysterious, exotic or supernatural. the author, chooses the prose, and she moved her feelings of disappointment, disillusionment, and his romantic view on two issues in particular: the power of love and power of artistic creation.

Two key themes: love and power of supernatural presence. xa beker love is the force that gives sense to life, or the energy that moves the universe. love is a dim, which requires, subject to love and takes him to violate rules against all common sense: their fate is the punishment, death x the impulse of love or in madness. the xa can not do anything to avoid it.
artistic creation: tmbien goes with the music that relates us to the mystical.
eg Mount de las Animas: the power of love leads to death alonso, the moonlight love as the woman who embodies it out to be illusions, that can cause insanity, both express the inadequacy of reason to understand xa the world.
The mount of animas: Alonso with his family this game. In the evening, everyone returns to the castle, and asks her beatriz xk cousin, replied that the day of the dead Templars and noble dead rise from their graves. At night, his cousin,''he declares,''she tells him that he also wanted to give something, but what he wanted to give, it has lost in the woods: a blue stripe. And, she decides to go. Beatriz xa does test his courage and shake it. In the night she wakes up hearing strange noises, and scary. The next day the blue band is tearing up the bed and reported that his cousin died on the mountain this morning.
Green eyes: The nobles are hunting, and the only prize he had touched them escapes and goes into the source of the aspens. The huntsman tells Fernando that this source lies an evil that atrebe who is entering, is death. the ignored enters and falls for the woman of the lake, a donut angelicatta green eyes, beautiful x out, diabolical x inside. the end is death in the arms of women.
Maese Perez organist: he who plays the organ, dies and supernatural. $
The moon beam: beam falls moonlight, he thinks that is a donut angelicatta. xa pursues know dnd lives.
The Christ of the skull: two men lope de Sandoval y Alonso de Carrillo: love: Dona Ines de Tordesillas
always tragic conskuencia reckless actions, had transguedido the rules, just manrique lco, and alonso dead.

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