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Pres Continuous-> PERSONAL ARRANGEMENT/PLAN àI am visiting France this summer

Be going to-> I am going to start doing work out      PERSONAL PLANS

                         He is so fast he is Going to have an acc   INMINENT ACTION

Will ->  It Will rain (PREDICTION) , I will Study more (PROMISE), You will get Into trouble (WARNING), I will kick Your ass (THREAT), If you study just The day before, you won´t pass the exam (CONDITIONAL 1st type), I´ll give you a lift (OFFERING), I´ll call him (INSTANT DECISION)

Future continuous-> I will be studying at      TOMORROW AT        

Future perfect-> I will have studied      BY .... I WILL ...


SUBJECT CHANGE: I (he,she), You (I), He/she/it (II), we and You (they/we), they (II)


DS                                         RS

Pres Simple (tear) à Past simple (tore)

Pres Continuous  (am tearing) à Past Continuous (was tearing)

Past Simple (tore) à Past Perfect Simple (had torn)

Past Continuous (was tearing)à  Past Perf Cont (had been tearing)

Present Perfect Simple (have torn) à Past Perf Simple (had torn)

Present Perfect Continuous (have been tearing)à Past Perf Cont (had been tearing)

Past Perfect Simple (had torn) à Past Perfect Simple (same)

Past Perfect Continuous (had been tearing) à Past Perf Cont (same)

Will (will tear)à Would (would tear)

Am going to (am going to tear) -> Was going to (was going to tear)


ENGLAND: Is the largest country in the UK With the largest population (67 m). Full English breakfast, fish & chips, Tea... Tower of London, London Eye, Big Ben. Football, cricket, rugby, tennis. Very poute

SCOTLAND: Capital (Edinburgh). Largest city (Glasgow). Population (5,4 m). Languages (English, Scottish, Gaelic). Edinburgh Castle, Golf at St. Andrews, Kelvingroue Art Gallery, Glefinnan Viaduct. People Work from 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch at 12 pm. Gie it haldy (creep someone up), keep Yer heid (to stay calm), am pure done in (feeling tired), boke (vomit)

WALES: Capital (Cardiff). Languages (English And Gaelic). Población 3 millones. Christians (70%). Literature, rugby, football, Games of the commonwealth. Cardiff Bay, Pembroke Castle

NORTH IRELAND: Capital (Belfast). Language (English and Irish). Population 1,8 m. Mostly protestant. Armed conflict with IRA. Knockagh Monument, The Big Fish, Cole´s Monument

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