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Mitchell Y. McDeere: An ambitious law student who graduates with honors from Harvard. He is seduced by the firm, and is then notified by the FBI that the firm is part of the Morolto crime family. He is eventually caught by the firm, but escapes with $12 million (both the money the FBI paid him and the money he stole from the Moroltos) and survives. He retires to the beaches of the Caribbean with Abby and Ray.
Abby McDeere: Wife of Mitch McDeere and a kindergarten teacher in a prominent school in Memphis. She is stressed by the long hours Mitch spends at the firm and eventually helped him escape
Wayne Tarrance: An organized crime specialist from New York and veteran FBI agent. He is not very cautious. He tries to help Mitch, but fails to protect him. Mitch and Tarrance are now bitter at each other.
Ray McDeere: The brother of Mitch McDeere. He's a convicted felon who killed a man in a bar fight. Dishonorably discharged from the army. He's a great linguist who learned several languages. He escapes with the help of the FBI and Mitch, and later aids Mitch in his escape.
Eddie Lomax: An ex-con and friend of Ray McDeere; a private investigator who now works for Mitch in investigating the five dead lawyers. He is later murdered by one of the Morolto gunmen.
Tammy Hempville: Secretary and lover of Eddie. She becomes frightened when Eddie is killed. She greatly aids Mitch in stealing the files and is rewarded with lots of money by Mitch.
Oliver Lambert: Originally an unsuspecting early joiner of the firm, later unwillingly drawn into the conspiracy. He's now a veteran and head of the firm.
Nathan Locke: He grew up on the streets of Chicago and has served the Moroltos since the age of ten. He is a major figure in the Morolto crime family, described as "evil, eccentric, has startling black, laser eyes".
Bill DeVasher: A former police detective, now a thug and security head of the firm. He is in charge of monitoring the firm's lawyers and carrying out the Moroltos' dirty work. He blackmails Mitch with pictures of him, yet is ignored.
Tony "Two-Ton" Berkler: A thug with an impressive record of convictions. A loyal thug to the Morolto family. He helps in the search for Mitch McDeere.
Aaron "The Nordic" Rimmer: A thug for the Morolto family. He has strong Nordic features and is nearly successful in catching Mitch several times. He is later strangled by Ray McDeere.
Lou Lazarov: An underboss of the Morolto crime family. A close associate of Joey Morolto (the head of the Morolto crime family). Former actor.
Joey Morolto (The Priest): The boss of the Morolto crime family. The younger brother of Mickey Morolto, who has limited business with the crime family. Joey Morolto is the son of the Old Man Morolto (the first boss of the Morolto family)

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