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Peter goes to the hotel to find information about Julie. He thinks she is very attractive. Clarence Wu is the manager of the hotel. Peter thinks the manager has something to do with Doris´ disappearance. He has dirty business. Elsie is a receptionist at Golden Star. Agnes is the housemaid of that place. Irene Kowk is a model who helps Peter during the story. After Peter discovers that Julie has asked about a medicine shop. Peter goes there and finds a photo of Julie. The next day, a man calls Peter and he says he has to look after the "Seabird", a boat. He goes but the boat is leaving. Then he has a fight in a car park with a group of men and Irene helps Peter. Later Peter thinks that Julie is hiding at the medicine shop and goes there. When he arrives the police is there and Peter tells the police everything about Julie´s case. Next morning, Peter receives a letter it is from Paul Chan. Afterwards, Peter finds some letters and a gun in Irene´s bag. The first letter is from Paul Chan. Peter discovers that Paul and Irene belong to the same criminal organization. Big Ears is another member of the organisation. Peter and Irene talk and she says she belongs to the organisation because she has gambling debts. She says Paul is working for them too. He wanted to leave the organisation and then somebody kidnapped his sister, Julie. Some time later they take Paul too. Irene tells Peter that the Boss of the organization wants to escape on the boat he saw some days before (the “Seabird”). Then Peter is taken by the organisation and he is a prisoner. Finally, he can escape and finds Julie and her brother. Paul has his leg broken and he is taken to hospital. At the end Julie, her brother and Peter have dinner together and talk about many things.

Peter Leong is a crime reporter who works in Hong Kong. His parents live in Australia. He writes an article about the Koh murder. His friend is Police Inspector Tsen. Mary Peng is his secretary. She is good because she works fast. One day some people go to Peter´s office. They are Mr and Mrs Chan and a man called Mr Yip. The Chan´s daughter has disappeared. Mr Chan is a short man with grey hair. His wife is slim and wears smart clothes. Yip is very fat. The Chans are Peter´s parents friends. The Chan´s have another son called Paul. He is a scientist..


She disappears in Hong Kong. She is twenty-three years old. She goes to a hotel called Golden Star in Wan Chai but the day after she leaves and never comes back. It is not a very good place to stay. Despite she goes to that hotel, she is supposed to stay with The Yips who are friends of The Chans. Peter discovers there is a girl called Doris who works as a night dancer at Golden Star who is also missing. Julie goes to Hong Kong to visit a friend of her family. She arrives a day earlier.


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