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First of all, I’m a student of Spain, Catalonia, in the city of Barcelona. In my school, it isn’t obligatory to wear uniform, only in physical Education courses.

My life as A student is very simple, since it is something every day. Aside, my time as a Student has been very satisfactory, since I have learned many new things that Have allowed me to develop myself better as a person, to develop my Intellectual abilities later employed in the future. For me, the study is a Very important tool needed for what you want to be grown-up and achieve higher social status and economic. Within this stage of student I have to do homework And study in the afternoons, after school.

However, What I most like is working group, because between us we can lend a hand. As For classes, the subjects that always caught my attention, that is To say, which I most have liked, are mathematics and social sciences. I think That the above subjects are some of essentials for what I want to be in the Future. I'm now studying 4th Compulsory Secondary Education, at the beginning Had chosen the modality of scientist. In this modality I study biology, physics And chemistry. Apparently during the course I considered that it wasn't what I Wanted to study in the future, and devote my life to that. Then I realized that Which I would like study the social branch, because if it were the case that I Would choose this modality, I would study subjects of Economics, economics of Enterprise, communicative workshop, applied mathematics and history of the Contemporary world, which is what I really like it and what I want to devote Myself.

On the other hand, I have to find out and seek information about what University I should go, nevertheless there are some that don't seem bad idea Go. In the future, I would like to devote myself to the economy.

Finally, we have to take much advantage of studies, because it opens Many doors in the way that you want to choose, with this in mind it depends on The person who is interested in getting ahead.

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