Life is a dream calderon culteranismo

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Quevedo is 1 of the authors + controversial and interesting of Spanish literature, his eventful life and the richness and variety of its open and show it, is characterized by pessimism philosophical, loving, black eseptisismo visionfor Spain in the time razes of satire and criticism. Emphasize his metaphysical poems in which he expresses his obsession with the flow of time and the imminent arrival of death. It is the strong supporter of the trend that tends to excessive accumulation of elementeos metaphorical prose novel highlights The picaresque conman. Gongora: Create a personal style in which the speech is a1 1 planoCultiva poetry arificiosa, recharged, full of hyperbaton, cultism and complex metaphors: It's what has been called his poetry Culteranismo.En love sonnets stand in which expressescarpe diem
the transience of life and death burlesque poems and especially his 2 great compositions: "Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea" and "Solitudes"

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