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Love life and death: life = love + death ... In many poems pays homage to nature, all life is beautiful, but the beam that does not stop Hernandez's poetry is connected to the experience of living, which is part indisolubre pain. The poet feels that life there is always threatened by uncontrollable forces. Miguel Hernandez vibrant center of his poetry, and life and death shaped the indissoluble association of a biography. Everything is finally life and death in the poetry of MH. This dualism is to devise a clear significasr existential and the inevitable final solution. The life and death becomes a discord that splits of self. The fullness of life of the bull is marked by a tragic destiny. The experience of death. In the ray that does not stop the poet gets an intimate maturing of the concept of love as man's tragic Despina. Love is death, which is an irresistible urge for procreation. Blood, topic that is one of the mainstays of the biography. Blood is life because it leaves the heart, blood is a complementeo land because it is the vehicle of life. The blood becomes pure MH sacred matters. The death provoked anger and despair of the poet, like the despair and helplessness. Death is represented by many symbols, like knives and lightning. The idea of death is increased in the poems written during the civil war and the prison, as income but then sentenced to death was life imprisonment. The concept of life and death in miguel hernandez sometimes reach an expression close to existentialism. The poetry of Miguel Hernandez decibels Gongorism influences, school calderon, quevedo footprint and Garcilaso, the rpresencia of Pablo Neruda and Vicente Aleixandre. One of the metaphors used by MH is the wound. Love is an important theme in the poetry Hernandiana, whose main symbol is the thunderbolt. Another important metaphor that takes on a meaning of love is blood. Miguel issues are of vital importance to the sexual union and the generation of the child. In some poems MH uses the metaphor of the oasis, often unattainable, to represent the female body. The arena is considered. The reading of all his poems, always taking into account death and love life, and interpret the three and wounded, including three spokes or moons, which means you understand the poetry of Miguel Hernandez, a great poet and great lover.

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