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1a. False – ''At the heart of the village... With a very small room''

1b. False – ''Thanks to this blesses buildings... Said Biertan's Current people''

2a. At The heart of the village is a small building with a very small room

2b. Because the lutheranism defend the marriage and the bishop prefer That couples save their union

3a. Meet – find

3b. In Trouble – problems

3c. Fix – repair

3d. Try – attempt

4a. Higher / was shown

4b. Getting / means

4c. Whose / to

4d. He Asked... What he is next

5. A frequent question is whether our future in life will be married or single and which of the two will be better.

For me Married life is better than single life, especially if you have a Partner with whom you can share all the moments.

Although You do not always have to enjoy the moments with your partner but you Can also enjoy them with friends or family.

Single Life is not as fun as you have other fun you can do alone or with Your friends, while married can always share your moments with Another person and discover their tastes, and thanks to the tastes of The other person discover things that in the past you did not think You were going to discover.

In Conclusion married life for me is better than single as it discovers Much more with a person with different tastes and that you can be Free both

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