Like Water For Chocolate

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Tita (Josefita): Main character was a woman who wept so since birth as I knew the suffering that life had intended, since she met Peter who fell in love without knowing that she was denied the marriage, Pedro Musquis: Main character was a man who from an early age fell in love with Tita and to learn that she can not marry you do with Rosaura, Tita's older sister, claiming that it is the only way will be able to be near Tita, this marriage is absolutely miserable and unhappy ago his wife and his love for Tita is more than evident, has two children with his wife dies when Roberto is very small and Hope for the fighting to that tradition family of his wife does not ruin your life, like Tita after much effort and suffering dies in the full realization of his love with Tita, a heart attack.Mama Elena minor character, Tita's mother, a very hard due to frustration that his parents had created in it by not letting her marry the man she had loved being of black descent and forcing her to marry the Tita's father, still married her and fathered a daughter with his great love and posed as the daughter of her husband, all that frustration of not being happy with their daughters to discharge those who humiliate, hit and be happy as I keep just had with her parents in an attack made by the revolutionaries to his ranch she had an accident that left her paralyzed from the legs and the idea that poison Tita wanted to marry took an emetic which over time will killed. Rosaura: minor character, Tita's older sister who was married to Peter for the disposal of his mother and thought he would be happy withoutimagine that his life would be suffering because the love of his sister and her husband was evident and although he initially struggled to have a real family was filled with bitterness and pain because his mother following the traditions of his family ruined life, despite that she try to do the same with his daughter, but before she made her unhappy daughter died of an acute stomach congestion resulting from poor digestion had always suffered. Gertrudis secondary character's sister Tita was generated illegally by his mother, she was different from his sisters and his mother was gay, liked music and dancing with its black roots of his father, a day after tasting an exquisite dish it out Tita to take a bath and then went out naked with a revolutionary who was passing by, work in a brothel when the man who took it and almost died trying to extinguish all the passion sahis body was later becomes revolutionary army general, sometime later married John, the man she was gone, had two children and became a very respectable woman in society. He learned of his true origin by Tita, who had discovered when her mother died when having her first baby that was born mulatto and her husband wanted to leave because he thought she was back again to work without it you brothel in the least affect on your person. John: minor character, husband of Gertrude, a revolutionary Pancho Villa who falls for Gertrude one day that the field is in the running completely naked, after she marries and becomes a respectable man and rich. Musquis Pascual: minor character, father of Peter who, despite disagreeing with the decision of his son to marry Rosaura the supports it.Father Ignacio secondary character, pastor of Piedras Negras Mama Elena who confesses everything you do in your life and who attends all events in the house on Garza, Tita's family. Nacha: minor character, the ranch cook and Tita nanny, she was the mother of Tita to that much and wanted to teach him everything that he knew of the culinary art, she also lived a frustrated love that led her to become not fall in love with any man, died of melancholia after the wedding of Rosa and Pedro to remember his great love. Chencha: minor character, servant of the ranch, was a very talkative woman full of grace to say things that the more angry he pulled a smile, despite she was raped in the attack on the ranch she married the love of his life and led a happy life working on the ranch with her husband.Jesus Martinez secondary character Chencha husband who worked on the ranch next to his wife. Nicolás: minor character, ranch foreman.
Rosalie and Guadeloupe: secondary characters, ranch hands. Joseph secondary character, the father of Gertrude.
Juan de la Garza: minor character, the father of Rosaura and Tita and Mama Elena's husband dies of a heart attack when he learns that his wife was cheating and that Gertrude is not the daughter of him. Dr. John Brown: secondary character widower with one child, the family doctor to help Tita out of a terrible depression that falls and eventually falls for her and when is about to marry her this is repents and leaves her to go your way and make her love with Pedro.The Wolf (Paquita and George): minor character, family friends who spend criticizing and distilling venom against Tita, are the so-called friends who only go when there is a party and as delicious food served at the ranch guided just for the gossip.
Roberto: minor character, son of Pedro and Rosaura that grows with Tita and separated from it to die when he was a baby. Alex: minor character, son of Dr. Brown who marries Esperanza. Hope: minor character, daughter Peter and Rosa that when her mother wants to make a victim of the mores of his family Tita and Pedro's defenders to keep them the same thing happen to them, they send them to school, and after a year of the death of his mother marries Alex.

The story is told a woman is her great-aunt Tita. Start counting from her Tita is born, before she could be heard and mourn in the womb. At birth, many tears were shed when the soil had dried up salt for a long time.
Nacha was the maid who raised Tita, had all day in the kitchen.
Tita was not going to be able to marry because being the youngest of three sisters would have to care for her mother until she died.
As they grew more a boy named Peter fell in love with her (made her feel like a donut contacting boiling oil). He declares his love and says he's going to talk to his mother. When does the mother refuses to Tita, but instead offers Rosaura, who agreed not caring that her sister was in love with him. Pedro and Tita also agree not understand it and crying and not eating. Nacha instead hears Peter that it has to be closer to Tita.
In preparing for the wedding cake Tita can not stop mourn and tears fall into the dough. Nacha to test some die the next day to try and guests begin to mourn and vomiting.
That night Peter had no relations with Rosa until after three months and has no excuse and makes him a son. That day, happy kitchen Rosa, but comes out pretty bad.
Gertrude, the other sister, falls in love one day of a general. Chencha other younger maid tells her that these men left pregnant with just looking at them.
Pedro gives him one day Tita roses for being the cook of the house. The mother forced him to throw, but she does quail in rose petals. The food comes out delicious. Everybody gets as sick of love. Gertrude while showering makes the wood burn the bathroom. The general from afar smells like roses and kidnaps Gertrudis going running around naked. After they learned that Gertrude worked in a brothel and burned their photos.
The son of her sister Rosa to the world what it takes. The midwife is dying and has to breastfeed Tita. One night Peter the hook and as the mother suspected Pedro, Mama Elena and Rosaura requires a change of city.
Later they come about guerrillas and bring food but do not touch them.
One day they learn that Roberto is dead child. Mama Elena will not let her mourn, she rebels and gets into a pigeon and not utter a word. Dr. John takes her to the city and take good care there. It is very good. It seems in love with her. He has a young son.
The doctor tells you something very interesting that she told her grandmother who was Indian, and we all have within us some matches and each had something the lighting, if made all at once is a tunnel that leads to happiness. One day while she is home from the doctor arrives Chencha, she becomes very happy and breaks the silence. He says to tell his mother he will not return. The doctor asks the marriage and she accepts.
At the ranch kill the mother and rape robbers Chencha. Tita went home and saw a box where he kept his mother locked memories. He learned that Gertrude was the daughter of her husband but a frustrated black love and with whom he could not marry. The husband died of heart when he learned that was not his daughter.
Tita Rosa goes to live with because he has a daughter and she is delicate. Tita is not yet married.

Pedro Tita expected a night in his room and have sex, it starts a fire and made to believe Chencha Rosa which is the spirit of Mama Elena.
Rosa has bad breath and many sales from making a meal Tita says she wishes and rot the words you said in your interior. Then Tita Rosa asks for help to have good breath to recover Pedro not want anything to her.
Tita suspect you are pregnant, the mother appears to him and cursed by the child within.
When Tita is the thread from Christmas trip to see his mother again. Gertrude has become the general of a troop and thread come to take Christmas. This begins to dance with the general and Rosaura asks where he got the pace Gertrude. Tita knows, but it supports the following year when they have a mulatto girl.
Aunt Gertrude tells his problems, but she says she does not think Rosa was very bad because when she married Peter.
When Tita tells Peter that she is pregnant it is very tender with her and tells her to be very far away. But they can not.
After the pregnancy is Tita was psychological. Pedro burns back a night of drinking. And she very lovingly cared for. Dr. John arrives, and finishes it to heal.
Rosaura and Tita fight and both say all they want to say. Even Rosaura prohibits approaching his daughter Hope, the girl will not marry because she has to care for her.
Tita Dr. John confesses that one can not marry him. He does not care who has done nothing with Peter, but if he wants to get married he'll be there.
From here begin to prepare a wedding, but it's been 22 years. The house is Hope that the son of John, who has been given a scholarship to Harvard and carries it with him. Rosa has died of a stomach infection. Trevino Checha is married to one of the men of Gertrude.
The food is made with much love that all couples feel love and desire to leave in a hurry. He finally left alone Pedro and Tita, totally alone. They may yell that they love. Have unprotected but the emotion he dies. She grabs her blanket and starts to make matches. It creates a fire around them and see the tunnel the two together. The entire ranch is burned.
Hope is the mother of telling the story, who had inherited the cookbook that was saved from burning, said that while they continue to make his recipes will continue to live her great aunt Tita.

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