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Biometric Categories:

Physical biometrics - Physical measures from body. For example, fingerprints hand geometry etc.

Behavioral biometrics - Measure behavioral characteristics. For example key stroke dynamics, gait and voice.Behavioral biometrics would not be the most suitable choice for a high security facility as they are not sufficiently distinctive for high security applications. Behavioral biometrics are most suited to low security applications where the advantage of easy collectability, that behavioral biometrics exhibit, is a key advantage.

Primary performance measures of a biometric:

1. False non match rates (FNMR) – Judging 2 biometric measurements from the same person to be from different people. Also called false reject rate (FRR)

2. False match rates (FMR) - Judging 2 biometric measurements from different people to be from the same person. Also called false acceptance rate (FAR)

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