Linear Pump

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Linal bmba crankcase houses the camshaft in the side of the sump pump, setting the feed pump, which receives the camshaft movement of the injection pump, by means of an eccentric carved on it. Each cam actuates a Tappet, which, through a roller, is applied against the cam, forced by the spring. The pusher, in turn gives motion to the piston, which slides inside the cylinder, which communicates through lateral holes called ports, with the pipe, which gets the oil from the pump. Besides the up and down movement of the piston, this can turn a certain angle about its vertical axis, the movement of the rack bar, roll the bottom of the upper pistón.La cylinder valve is closed by depression, which plicated kept against his seat by the action of the spring. outside pump. gnradora d prsion, rgulador mcanica. d rgulal rgimn drive forward. adjust it preferentially start d injection rpm bomab d alimntacion. xa asiprarl combustibldlabombadeinyccion return flight fuel leak calms in the piston ring groove that communicates with the plenum through uncanal tangential evitark .- for oil and fuel oil Mecl d dosage PMI pmi the plunger is the Louvre keda command combst free to receive supplies or Lacarrère Top E shows the race to the closure of L impuslion the valve begins to rise for the supply iniciode useful career sministro pressure in the cylinder increases the V is completely open and combs injectors to supply the peak of surperior d emblolo the rampasegada communicates with L the Persion-making closing the valve against its seat pms cauldal modification of the zero supply of L ranuraverticaLcoincide cn partial supply and the E and k varrila of regulation to run half its maximum supply r fine till the groove of his career will match helicohidal cn L afterthe useful career aya echo regulatory minimum maximum limits> minma maximum speed of an engine operating phases starting position will be colocael acerelador gun manual idle position variations of the re volution posicon the varillaretrocede to pesoscentrifugos idle because idle docks actuansobre full load position if the scheme is very elvado the weight of tl separate way due the action of the springs pushing deregulation taking the rod to flow under the high court if it exceeds the limits set the rod reaches the stop position and produces a device outage for the benefit of assimilation the air in the cylinder very good on fuel is injected under full load resemble what the engine needs the fuciona of assimilation is assumed by the regulator in this device are centrifugal weights between the spring plate and springs interor regulation to end in a supercharged engine fuel demand rises in the lower regime the pump flow is not sufficient which increases the revolutions and then a reduced flow Opne mast reach no rpm given the drive d avance It is a device which varies the start of injection depending on the number of revolutions the fuel a while since that is injected until it ignites but if it lasts a long time to open a devido a sharp combustion pressure rises too hasty. so you have to progress to aber inyecion to compensate for the delayed ignition engine cua ndo this stand they are ground against dpresion holds the weights in the starting position with the engine running as counterweights increases the regime shift to devido outside by centrifugal force the Pro-Vicar desplazaciento a shift in the eccentricity that produces a change of position of the bushing to the body. So it is possible an advance in inyeción which may extend to 30 th in the crankshaft. When the total balances its travels

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