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CT installation is provided with 1 or more processors reducing high and low voltage switchgear and work with precise complementary. function of CT is to distribute electricity to different voltages at the same time allows the connection to q lines and networks at any point q is fit. TK are classified in 5 ways. FOOD: in point: there are only 1 supply line and connected to the derivation of the main network. In step: has 1 input and 1 output line acia another center. OWNERSHIP: Business : ownership of the company, leaving the network in subscriber Bt: Ownership of the customer, conditioned by alimentaicon network supplier. LOCATION: weather: transoformador consisting of less than 160KVA protected by fuses. Interior: located indoors, can be surface or groundwater. CONNECTION: air or groundwater. OBRA CIVIL: Conventional: located inside enclosures. Precast: inside the factory is already providing echo things. compact: can be half-buried or surface.Maneuver: for MT network, monoblock structure, installation surface. lleba 3 cells. The switchgear CT is formed by: cell line. cell protection. cell processor, which houses the power transformer. smeared with MT: lines of junction between cells of the CT. BT box: part of the lines in BT .----- q elements make up a modular cell are : Base Width: es lo q q supports all elements comprising the cell.Cuba: contains the switch, and fuse muddy part of SF 6.Switch: is 3-connected positions, planning and grounded. Circuit Breaker: 3 pole is q contains SF 6to a pressure of 3bar. Each pole has 2 contacts (lower and upper). Mando: can be manual and motorized. Fuses: q are mounted on trucks are introduced in the insulating resin fuse tube. /////// TRAFO external Constitution:Bushings MT: responsible for the windings of the transformer interconnections with the input network in MT. P asatapas BT: interconexionanlos windings of the transformer with the output network in BT. Cuba: q tank containing liquid refrijerante and where goes nubcleo and the windings. Expansion Tank: located in upper Cuba with her statement thus assuring the full flood of Cuba. oil level indicator: window to observe the level of transformer oil. Desiccator: its mission is to dry the air entering the transformer q due to the decrease in oil level. Thermostats: the column indicate oil temperature, the ball to + ocntactos ajustablesa have any value. Placquer features: + importatnes summarizes the characteristics of the transformer. DESCRIPTION terminals: Performed at the top of the Cuba of the transformer. Constitucion Internal: Magnetic core: path x which establishes the magnetic flux formed by ferromagnetic alloy steel plates . WINDINGS: x coils of wire made of copper or aluminum rectangular or circular section. Caracteristicas Generales: Tension Primary is the supply voltage of the transformer. Tension maxima of service: the higher voltage level for the transformer is manufactured q and running in steady state.Rated voltage Secondary voltage terminal q is obtained when feeding secondary to the primary circuit with rated voltage. Rated power: maximum apparent power q can supply the secondary of a transformer referred to the nominal voltage preset temperature conditions.

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