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1930 - 1939
1934: The one with the star with John Wayne
1936: Winds on the Moor with John Wayne
-1938: Durango Kid
1940 - 1949
1942: In Old California with John Wayne
1943: A woman in town with Claire Trevor
1949: Avengers Bullets with Preston Foster
1949: Roseanna McCoy with Farley Granger
1950 - 1959
1950: Diligence to Tucson with Rod Cameron
1950: Grand Theft Missouri The Great Missouri Raid
1950: Saddle Tramp with Joel McCrea
1951: Al Jennings of Oklahoma with Dan Duryea
1952: Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory with Clayton Moore
-1952: Carson City with Randolph Scott
1953: Ambush at Tomahawk Gap with John Hodiak
1953: He was the commander Callicut with Randolph Scott
-1953: Outlaws of Carson City with Jeanne Crain
1953: The Conquest of Cochise with Rock John Hodiak
1954: Lost Souls with Marilyn Monroe
1954: Race violence with Rock Hudson
1954: A paradise to blow stirring with Glenn Ford
1955: Death to brave Alfred l Werkel with Fred MacMurray
1955: Seek shelter with James Cagney
1955: Five Guns with John Lund
1955: The American with Glenn Ford
1955: The big boss with Victor Mature
1955: The rifle that conquered the West with D. Morgan
1955: Violent Men Glenn
1955: Marauders with Dan Duryea
1955: Texas Lady with Claudette Colbert
1956: Hills burning with Natalie Wood
1956: Daniel Boone, the pioneer Bruce Bennett
1956: Backlash with Richard Widmark
1956: In the limit of the desert with Rory Calhoun
1956: hatchet with Scott Brady
1956: The Law on the gallows with James Cagney
1956: The final hunt
1956: The Pillars of Heaven with Jeff Chandler
1956: A lone gun with Anthony Quinn
1957 Grand Horizons (Gordon Douglas)
1957: Meet at Sundown with Randolph Scott
1957: The Law of the strong with Charlton Heston
1957: The last bullet with James Stewart
1957: Pawnee with George Montgomery
1957: Rebellion in Fort Laramie with John Dehner
1957: Run Of The Arrow (Yuma) with Rod Steiger
1958: Buchanan rides again with Joe De Santis
1958: Road to Fort Clemson, The Empire ... with Joel McCrea
1958: West Caravan with Victor Mature
1958: Ford massacre with Joel McCrea
1958: The Big Country with Gregory Peck
1958: Rory Calhoun Apache Territory
1958: Tonka with Sal Mineo
1959: The ravine of death with Susan Hayward
-1959: The day of the outlaws with Robert Ryan
1959: No Name on the Bullet with Audie Murphy
1960 - 1969
1960: The star-flame Elvis Presley
1962: Three sergeants
1963: Three Good Men
1964: The man with the diligence with Frank Latimore
-1964: A Distant Trumpet with Troy Donahue
1965: Convict Stage with Harry Lauter
1965: Glorious comrades Tom Tryon
1965: Cat Ballou Jane Fonda
1965: The 4 Implacables with Adam West
1965: the pioneers with Glenn Ford
1965: A pierced dollar, a dollar marked with Giuliano Gemma
1965: A Place Called Glory with Lex Barker
1966: 7 dollars a red Elisa Montes
1966: Duel at Diablo with James Garner
1966: The fate also played with Henry Fonda
1966: The squadron of death with Broderick Crawford
1966: The Nobility Force with Don Murray
1966: The latest venture of General Custer and Robert Shaw
1966: death guns sang with Franco Nero
1966: Guns of North Texas with Scott Gordon
1966: Mestizo with Hugo Blanco
1966: Navajo Joe
1966: Rebellion apache with Rory Calhoun
1966: Texas (Beyond the River) with Dean Martin
-1966: Texas Adios with Franco Nero
1966: Land of vermin with Clint Walker
1966: A River of Dollars with Thomas Hunter
1966: A lady cowboy with James Stewart
1967 in racho Challenge with Doris Day
1967: The Clan of the hanged with Terence Hill
1967: The Day of Wrath with Lee Van Cleef
1967: The ride of the damned with Glenn Ford
1968: The Ballad of Johnny Ringo with Lex Barker
1968: The fury of the Magnificent 7
1968: The Mercenary with Franco Nero
1968: Death Sentence with Robin Clarke
1968: Also a Sheriff needs help with J. Garner
1968: Winchester, one in a thousand with Peter Lee Lawrence
1969 Run knife, run
1969: Pure sit, wait and shoot with Robert Woods
1969: The desperate (The Mark of Cain) with Vince Edwards
1971: The Roaring of Texas Ty Hardin
1971: A town called bastard with Telly Savalas
1971: And they stopped calling Cemetery with Gianni Garko
1972: Condemned to live with Robert Hundar
1972: The Vultures will dig your grave with Craig Hill
1972: Te Deum
1974: Hangman with Steve Forrest
1979: You, Little Man, I Great Hunter (Eagle's wing) with M. Sheen
1980 - 1989
1987: The Legend of Hawken with Peter Fonda
1990 - 1999
1994: Guerrero Cheyenne (Cheyenne last) with Kelly Preston
1999 Grizzly Adams, the legend of the black mountain
2000: The Tears of the Black Tiger with Chartai Nqamsan
40 guns 1957 with Barbara Stanwyck
52 men wandering (2) 1952
Through the storm (2) 1965 with Jack Nicholson
1934 Blue Steel John Wayne
Adios Sabata 1970
Cursed Agachate 1971 with James Coburn
East of the West 1984
West of the Divide 1934 with John Wayne
1934 West Limit
Alaska Golden Land 1960 with John Wayne
Alvarez Kelly (2) 1966 with William Holden
American Outlaws
Friends till death (2)
Before death comes 1964 with Paul Piaget
Apache (2) 1954 with Burt Lancaster
Appaloosa 2008
Arizona 1939 with James Stewart
Arizona Colt 1966
Arizona federal prison 1958
I Arma Joven 1988 with Diamond Phillips
Young Gun II 1990 with Diamond Phillips
Assault Wagon 1967 with John Wayne
Assault on Fort 1953 (English) Clark with Maureen O'Hara
Assault and robbery on the train 1903
1971 sinister murderer Klaus Kinski
Australia 2008
Dances with Wolves 1990 with Kevin Costner
Under the sky of Arizona 1934 with John Wayne
Band 2007
Bandit 1959 with Robert Mitchum
Bandolero 1968 with James Stewart
1973 Billy the Kid Sam Peckinpah
Black Killer 1971
Blueberry, experience secret (2) 2004
Brigham Young 1940 with Tyrone Power
Bronco Billy 1980 with Clint Eastwood
Buck and The Fake 1972 with Sidney Poitier
Buffalo Bill 1936 with Gary Cooper
Buffalo Bill 1976 (English, Paul Newman)
Gray Owl 1999 with Pierce Brosnan
Ride with the Devil 1999 with Skeet Ulrich
Riding solo (2) 1959 with Randolph Scott
Cactus Jack 1979 with Kirk Douglas
California 1947
Road to Hell (2) 1999 Sam Sheppard
Road to 1978 South Jack Nicholson
Camino de la vengeance (2) 1968 with Burt Lancaster
Road to 1958 with Robert Mitchum hatred
Oregon Trail 1967
Camino de Santa Fe (2 dvd) 1940 with Errol Flynn
1978 South Road
Captain Apache 1971
Caravan 1951 with Robert Taylor Women
Peace Caravan 1950 with Ben Johnson
Caravans of struggle, going west 1931 Gary Cooper
Wild Hunt 1981 Charles Bronson
1957 Tin Star Henry Fonda
Ash and Joseph Fiennes 2001 Gunpowder
1956 Desert Centaurs John Wayne
Yellow Sky (2) 1948 with Gregory Peck
1931con Cimarron Richard Dix
Cimarron 1960 with Glenn Ford
Circle of Fire 1971
Cita en San Luis 1944
Meet at St. Louis 1944
Cold Mountain 2003
White Fang 1991 with Ethan Hawke
Colorado 1953 with Jim James Stewart
Colt 45 1950 with Randolph Scott
Hang 'Em High 1967 Clint Eastwood
Partners deadly 1961 Maureen O'Hara
With blood fury 1973 with Richard Harris
1939 with Hearts indomitable Claudette Colbert
Cowboy 1958 Glenn Ford
Four for Texas 1963 with Dean Martin
Cradle of Heroes 1955 John Ford
Charro (English) 1969 with Elvis Presley
Chato Apache (3) 1971 with Charles Bronson
Chisum 1970 John Wayne
1967 Chuka Rod Taylor (for Zapi)
Dakota 1945 with John Wayne
Dallas, border city 1950 Gary Cooper
Dead Man 1995 with Johnny Depp
From Hell to Texas 1958 with Dennis Hopper
Dead City Challenge in 1958 with R. Taylor
Disappearances (2) 2003 with Tommy Lee Jones
Ten outlaws 1955 with Randolph Scott
Gods and Generals 2002 with Thomas Howell
Django 1966 Franco Nero
Django, the return of a hero 1987
Django Il Bastardo 1969 with Anthony Steffen
Documentary 100 Years of Cinema West 2004
Dodge, 1039 lawless city with Errol Flynn
Two Rode Together 1961 with James Stewart
Two men will die (2) 1967 with Pietro Martella
Two men and a destination 1969 with R. Redford
Two Mules and a woman in 1970 with Clint Eastwood
Deathmatch 1985 with Oleg Borissow
Deathmatch at the OK Corral 1971 with Stacy Keach
Deathmatch in Red River (Pistolero) 1967 (2) with Glenn Ford
Duel in the Sun 1946 with Gregory Peck
Dueling rogues 1970 with Frank Sinatra
Clash of the titans (2) 1957 with Burt Lancaster
Duel in the Mud 1959 with Don Murray
Duel on the High Sierra 1962 with Randolph Scott
Duel at Silver Creek 1952 Don Siegel
Dust (ash and gunpowder) 2001
The Alamo (2) 1960 with John Wayne
The Alamo, the Legend (DVD) 2003 with Dennis Quaid
The restless-American Documentary on John Wayne
The Angel and the gunman (2) 1947 with John Wayne
The Hanging Tree (2) 1959 with Gary Cooper
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2007
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966
The Knight of Mississippi 1953 with Tyrone Power
The Iron Horse 1924 with George O'Brien
The road to 1933 with John Wayne Sagebrush
The desert road 1935 with John Wayne
The longest highway 1934 with John Wayne
The canyon of paradise 1935 with John Wayne
The Cheyenne Social Club 1970 James Stewart
The condor 1970 with Lee Van Cleef
The email from hell 1951 with Edgar Buchanan
The trooper (2) 1965 Paul Piaget
The challenge of the Magnificent 7 1972
The deserter from the Alamo 1953 Glenn Ford
The Painted Desert Clark Gable 1931
The day of 1970 with Kirk Douglas cheats
The dollar marked 1965 spaghetti
1966 El Dorado John Wayne
The Dorado1967 (2) by Howard Hawks
The Emperor of the North 1973
The Outlaw 1943 with Jane Russell
The stranger 2002 with Naomi Watts
The stranger (Judge Roy Bean) 1940 with Gary Cooper
The outlaw Josey Wales 1976 Clint Eastwood
The gunman gavilan 1963 with Roy Calhoun
The Laurel and Hardy in the 1936 West Oliver Hardy
The great battle 1964 with James Stewart
The Grand Duel 1970 with Kirk Douglas
The great Jack 1971 with John Wayne
The great Mc Lintock 1963
Into Great Silence 1968 with Jean-Louis Trintignant
The Gundown 1966
The gunman's son Andy Anza 1966
The son of pale 1952
The man from Colorado 1948
The Kentuckian 1955
The Man from Laramie 1955 James Stewart
The man with the golden gun 1959
Man of a 1959 gold pistols Richard Widmark
Poor Man Rio 1972 (2) with Lee Van Clef
The Man of a 1971 Savage Land Richard Harris
Utah Man 1934
The man in the west (2) 1958 with Gary Cooper
The man who killed Billy the Kid 1967 with P. Lee Lawrence
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 with John Wayne
The honor of Captain Lex 1952
The Devil's Garden (2) 1954 with Gary Cooper
Dawn Rider 1935 with John Wayne
1985 Pale Rider Clint Eastwood
The Judge Roy Bean 1972 with Paul Newman
The 1949 Kentucky wrestler John Wayne
1949 Lone Ranger Clayton Moore
The driver of the 1927 General
The bravest among 1968 thousand Charlton Heston
The mercenary 1969
Mackenna's Gold 1969 Gregory Peck
The Shepherd of the Hills 1941 John Wayne
Forgiveness (2) 2000
The Red Leather 1951 Van Heflin
The gunman 1950 with Gregory Peck
The gunman Cheyenne (2) 1959 with Sophia Loren
The poker of death (3) 1968 with Dean Martin
The price of a 1966 man Richard Wyler
The rabbi and the gunman (English) 1979
The proud rebel 1958 with Olivia de Havilland
The Return of the Magnificent 7 1966
The Return of a Man Called Horse 1976
The stranger's Rifle (2) 1957 with Stewart Granger
The rifle and the Bible 1975, John Wayne
1961 One-Eyed Jacks Marlon Brando
The taste of revenge 1963 with Richard Harrison
Sergeant Black 1960 with Woody Strode
The sheriff of Dodge City 1959
The lucky Texan 1933 with John Wayne
The Treasure of Sierra Madre 1948
The 1967 Shooting Jack Nicholson
The Mole 1970 Alexander Jodorwsky
El Tren de las 3 and 10 (2) 1957 with Glenn Ford
El tren de las 3.10 a Yuma (2007) with Russell Crowe
The Last Sunset 1961 with Rock Hudson
The last outlaw 1994 with Mickey Rourke
The last man in the Valley 1949 Randolph Scott
Mohicans (1965) (2)
The Last of the Mohicans 1992 with Daniel Day-Lewis
1976 The last gunfighter John Wayne
The Last Train to Gun Hill (2) 1959 with Kirk Douglas
Monte Walsh the last cowboy 2003
The Valley of Fury 1980 with Charlton Heston
The valley of vengeance 1951
The valley of violence (Shenandoah) 1965 with James Stewart
The Angry Avenger (3) 1958 with Gregory Peck
The Virginian 1946 with Joel McCrea
He and his enemy 1944 with John Wayne
Lefty (2) 1958 with Paul Newman
Ambush 1949 with Robert Taylor
Ambush 1959 with Clint Walker
Step Apache ambush in 1966
In search of gold 1938 with George Brent
In the West can do ... Friend 1972
On Christmas Eve plucked the Bethlehem 1994 with Burt Spencer
On behalf of the Law (2) 1970 with Burt Lancaster
Rancho Notorious 1952 Marlene Dietrich
Spirit of Conquest 1941 with Randolph Scott
This Earth is our 1991 with Gary Cole
Comanche Station 1960 with Randolph Scott
Far West (French)
Broken Arrow 1950 James Stewart
Outlaws legend 1980 with Dennis Quaid
Apache Ford 1948 with John Wayne (for Zapi)
Fort Bravo
Lawless Frontier 1934 with John Wayne
Fort Yuma
Geronimo 1962
Geronimo 1993 by Jason Patric
Gettisburg, the battle
Gettysburg, three days for a destination 2002 with Andy Redmond
Great duel at dawn (2) 1972 with Lee Van Cleef
Old Gringo
The Wild Bunch 1969 William Holden
Hannie Caulder
To the Last Man 1933 with Randolph Scott
Until his time came 1968 with Henry Fonda
High Noon
Story of a convicted (2) 1953 with Rock Hudson
Bonfire of 1953 with Charlton Heston hatred
Bonfire of the Vanities
Hondo 1953 John Wayne
Horizons West
Bend of 1952 with James Stewart
The Ox Bow Incident 1943 Henry Fonda
Inferno 1972 with Clint Eastwood cowards
Invitation for a Gunman (2) 1964 with Yul Brynner
Riders of destiny 1931 with John Wayne
Riders in the shade
Joe Kidd
Johnny Guitar (2) 1954 with Joan Crawford
Jubal 1956 with Glenn Ford
Junnior Bonner
Together until death (3) 1949 with Joel McCrea
In Arms (Brothers in arms)
Kansas Pacific
Keoma 1976 Franco Nero
The Ballad of Cable Hogue 1970 with Jason Robards
The battle of the hills of whiskey 1965 Burt Lancaster
The beauty of Montana
The load at Feather River (2) 1953 with Guy Madison
The lawless city
The anger of the wind 1971 with Burt Spencer
Boots Hill 1969 with Bud Spencer
The conquest of the West 1962 John Wayne
Stagecoach 1939 with John Wayne
The diligence of the damned 1970 with Richard Harrison
Gold fever
The Big Day 1930 with John Wayne
The Great Sioux Massacre 1965 with Joseph Cotten
The Great Sioux Massacre 1965 with Joseph Cotten
The big test 1956 with Gary Cooper
Time of the pistols 1967 with James Garner
The Invincible Legion 1949 with John Wayne
The Gunsmoke 1938 with William Boyd
The Law of Talion 1956 with Richard Widmark
The legend of the city without a name 1969 Lee Marvin
The Legend of the Lone Ranger
Death of a President
The For a Few Dollars 1965 Clint Eastwood
The night of the giants
The Night of the Hunter 1955
The 1955 wild girlfriend
Wild Bride 1955 Robert Taylor
The small rebellion 1939 with John Wayne
The proposed 2005 with Ray Winstone
Heaven's Gate 1980 with Kris Kristofferson
The gate of hell 1950 with Robert Taylor
The rope from the gallows 1973 with John Wayne
The Return of Frank James
Revenge of Ulzana 1972 with Burt Lancaster
The True Story of Jesse James
Train Robbers 1972 with John Wayne
Broken Lance 1954 with Spencer Tracy
The Adventures of Buffalo Bill
The Adventures of Jeremiah Johnson Robert Redford 1972
The oil
The guns of hell
Laurel and Hardy in the West
They Call Me Trinity 1971 with Burt Spencer
He still called Trinity 1971 with Burt Spencer
Gone with the Wind Clark Gable 1939
Lone Star 1996
The 100 rifles
The 4 Sons of Katie Elder 1965 with John Wayne
The Magnificent 7 1960 with Yul Brynner
The Guns of San Sebastian 1968 with Charles Bronson
Captives 1957 with Randolph Scott
The Comancheros 1961 with John Wayne
Cowboys 1972 John Wayne
The four knaves 1968 B. Spencer and T. Hill
Lucky Luke The Daltons against 2004 with Til Schweiger
The desperate 1943 with Randolph Scott
Desperate to 1969 George Hilton
The desperate. 1943
The ruthless with Joseph Cotten
Outsiders Rio Bravo
The Marx Brothers in the West
Men of Rio Malo 1971 Lee Van Cleef
Relentless 1955 with Clark Gable
The champs 1947 with Gary Cooper
The indestructible 1969 with John Wayne
West vigilantes
Firecreek 1968 with James Stewart
Professionals 1966 with Burt Lancaster
Shields 2006 with Thomas Haden
The Unforgiven 1960 with Burt Lancaster
The rebels of Shanghai
Looters 1942
The Three Burials of Mequiades Estrada 2005
The three sponsors 1948 with John Wayne
The last Comanche 1953
The Last Hard Men 1976 with Charlton Heston
The usurpers 1942
The brave walk alone
The Avengers 1972 with William Holden
The livers
There comes a gunman 1956 with Glenn Ford
Came to Cordura 1959 Gary Cooper
Dark Command 1940 John Wayne
Clumsy hands 1969 with Peter Lee Lawrence
Marked by fire 1950
Beyond Rio Grande 1959 with Robert Mitchum
Mas Alla Del Missouri 1951 with Clark Gable
Faster than wind l
Major Dundee 1964 with Charlton Heston
Red Medal of Valor 1951 Andy Devine
My name is none 1973 with Henry Fonda
1959 The Horse Soldiers John Wayne
Bite the bullet 1975 with Gene Hackman
They died with their boots on 1941 with Errol Flynn
Birth of a Nation
2003 Ned Kelly Heath Ledger
Nevada Express 1975 with Charles Bronson
Nevada Smith
Night of 1967 with Dean Martin Titans
1065 Twilight of a gunman with Craig Hill
Oceans of Fire (Hidalgo)
Open Range 2005 with Kevin Costner
1967 Gold fucking Tomas Milian
Gold bloody (Sabata)
Gold, Amor y Sangre 1940 with Errol Flynn
Pact of honor
My Darling Clementine Henry Fonda 1946
Transition to Noroeste1940 with Spencer Tracy
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (short)
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (long)
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1973 with James Coburn
Broken Peace 1952 with John Lund
Little Hunter
Little Big Man 1970 Dustin Hoffman
Haunted (3)
A Fistful of Dollars 1964 Clint Eastwood
Introducing Villa (Pancho Villa)
Valdez Is Coming 1971 with Burt Lancaster
Who Killed the White Horse? - Documentary
Inner rage 1955 Randolph Scott (DVD)
Shane Ladd Alann 1953
Randy rides alone 1934 with John Wayne
Quick and the Dead 1995 with Sharon Stone
Red, Insurgent Mexico
Renegades 1993 with Stephen Baldwin
Reverend Colt with Guy Madison
Lone Rifle 1954 with George Montgomery
Rin Tin Tin 1954
Rio Bravo 1959 John Wayne
Rio Conchos 1964 with Richard
The Big Sky (2)
Rio Grande 1950 John Wayne
Rio Lobo 1970 John Wayne
Red River 1948 John Wayne
River of No Return
Westward 1954
Westward with John Wayne
San Antonio 1945 with Errol Flynn
Six bullets, revenge, a prayer 1976 with Lee Van Cleef
Seraphim Falls (Faced) 2007 with Pierce Brosnan
Shakal 1968 with Sean Connery
Shanghai Kid
Sierra 1966 with Marlon Brando prohibited
Seven bullets, revenge, a prayer
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Silverado 1985 with Kevin Costner
Blazing Saddles
1992 Unforgiven Clint Eastwood
No mercy 1999 with John Cusack
Sitting Bull, Warrior Caste 1957 with Dale Robertson
Smith, the Silent 1948 with Alan Ladd
1971 Red Sun Charles Bronson
Soldier Blue 1970 with Candice Bergen
High Noon 1952 Gary Cooper
Only the Brave 1951 with Gregory Peck
Savage blow (2)
Sukiyaki Dyango
Distant Drums 1951 with Gary Cooper
Texas Terror in 1935 with John Wayne
Texas 1941 with Glenn Ford
The Great Train Robbery 1903 Justus D. Barnes
Times of glory
Jesse James 1939 with Henry Fonda
Conquest Earth 2007 with Sam Hennings
Canyon Passage
Canyon Passage 1946 with Dana Andrews
Distant lands
Tom Horn Steve McQueen 1980
Tombstone, The Legend of Wyatt Earp 1993 with Kurt Russell
Betrayal at Fort King 1953 with Rock Hudson
Three outlaws and a gunman 1974 with Lee Marvin
Three bad men
Three Texans 1949 with William Holden
You forgive ... I did 1968 with Bud Spencer
Tulsa, City of 1949 fight
Un Hombre 1967 Paul Newman
A man lays down the law
A Man Called Horse 1970 with Richard Harris
Far and Away (2)
A King and Four Queens
Quigley Down 1990 with Tom Selleck
A woman named Apache 1976 with Al Cliver
A Day in the Morning
A gun for Ringo
One life for another 1953 with Robert Taylor
Union Pacific
Value Act 1969 with John Wayne
Come to link to the West
Veracruz 1954 with Burt
Sundowners 1960
Villa Rides 1968 with Robert Mitchum
Viva Django
Viva Maria (French)
Viva Mexico
1952 Viva Zapata Marlon Brando
Ravenous (Ravenous) 1999 with Guy Pearce
Wanted ... I am not a murderer 1967
Wicked Spring 2002 with Brian Merrick
Wichita 1955 with Joel McCrea
Wild Wild Wild West 1999 Smith
Will Bill
Winchester 73 (2)
Winchester 73 1950 with James Stewart
Winnetou 1 (Furia Apache) 1963
Winnetou 2. [The silver rifle] Lex 1964
I am the Revolution 1967 with Gian Maria Volo
Zapata, hero's dreams and

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