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1.Aphorism: a motto truth in Concise phrase serious intone + formal language. Observation of life.

2.Appall “v” (espantar): to cause Someone to be upset or shocked.

3.Bear “v” (soportar/sostener): Support, carry, hold up.

4.Blight (plaga): a disease of Plants marked by the formation of lesions.

5.Boulder (peñón): very large Rock.

6.Broth (caldo): a thin soup.

7.Craze (agrietarse): develop Fine cracks.

8.Dimple (hoyuelo): small hollow In cheek.

9.Epigram: a literally genre Playful intone + clever language. A short witty, poem-like statement.

10.Froth (espuma): bubbles formed In or on a liquid.

11.Heal-all (flor): an edible Plant.

12.Launch “v” (lanzar): start or Set in motion.

13.Snatch “v” (arrebatar): grab; Take; carry away.

14.Swatch (muestra de tela): a Small sample of fabric intended to demonstrate the look of a larger piece.

15.Thither (allá): to that place, In that direction.

16.To suffice (satisfacer): to be Enough.

17.Wayside blue: a purplish blue Flower.

18.Yelp (chillar): to make sudden, Short, high sound.

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