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SigloX-glosses are the first words in Castilian k conservan.aparecen in Latin documents of the monasteries of St. millan.algun silos and monk, translated some Latin words for readability. XII-the-eleventh century jarchas are manifestations of literature written in Mozarabic, which drew attention to Hebrew or Arabic poets and incorporated them into his poems. SigloXII-born in this century literature belongs to the k lle mester of minstrelsy or occupation of minstrels juglares.los singers and actors were people amused k in the squares and caracteziba by:-are-are oral. Transmit anonimas.-narrate the exploits of a hero .- are written in verse with rhyme and assonance measures most important work is the poem of mio cid. is divided into 3 parts and rhyming verses to each other and are usually 14 and 16 syllables. SigloXIII born-aki mester of clergy, k is formed cults x writers are usually clergy, work characterized x: .- sucaracter written .- are obrasde author conocido.-type stories are fictional, or historical moralizing antigua.-metric used in the frame k via.El author highlights is John Ruiz, hita arcipresete of his book of good love.

SigloXIV-fall the last songs of love gesta.el good book was written in 1st person froma autobiographical, tells the stories amorose k has work is varied in form and in the issues. SigloXV-surge romances. L to prose fiction in the fourteenth century. d. juan manuelhizo two plays very important book Patroni and Count Patronio Lucanor.en this work gives advice to the Count, and the k enxiemplos clear by these examples are usually fabulas.todos sigen the same structure-the Count poses a problem "Patronio patronio. tells a story to draw juan manuel-d solucion. the moral plasma in a final lines.

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