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Tirant lo Blanc cntextualització: XV valencia, fcus cultural c.aragó. epidemics do not affect TNT. Cable s.or cat. arises a new reader: nble, bourgeois.
JM: fmilia nble disputes with characters of the time. Vitjar tt europa.toponomia. Tiran 1460, abns 38 guillm of pulling varoic.1era PRT, published when he was mrt.90. dedicated frran Portus. influences: r.llul "cavalry command," crnica r.muntaner "the dream," Sermons v.ferrer, Corella, vrsos CERVERI Girona march.3hum it: Petrarch, Dante voccacio.autors lltins: Ovid, Virgil, Seneca. estrctra: cvaller and hysteria k you'll have. psterior.485cap division. 1.nglaterra. fama.2.maritim large, wheeled Sicilian island. AMR Philip ricomana.3.imperi Byzantine (Turk) Aluminum Prot. carmersina, plaerdemavida.4.csta Tunis. NRT-africnes.5.turk.allivera Turks sending troops, including Empress k mrt. topics: nvela ttal.variett teknika narrtives. 1.cvlleresc: versemblant.biogrfia fantastik.2.istorik: geografia.3.scial: vntall pers.dstamnts. cstums, mnjar dress. humanistes.4.erotisme and medieval themes: AMR, sex presnts.scnes lsbikes ml, fetixisme, adultery, GNT SPIA, bdes srdes.5.psicilògic: depth psycho person (mdern ml) not prs type.
Curial and Gu elf (Anonymous). Cnservar mnuscrit XV SSNS dta.1876 difndre for Mnel kite. Structure: revolves around cavalle.1.curial fmilia pobre.arriba court mrkès mntferrat. sister Guelfa senamora.ofereix prteccio Econ. Curial armed knight and cmnsa batalles.dkesa austria accused adultery dmostra k n.duc offers grmana, Lachesis, and tnca Guelfa sntera a cnvent.2.frnsa.rei organized trnejos.curial mlta fama.aparex Lachesis, C embobat, elderly xivan and Guelfa adw econ.3 protection. C in Tunis, prisoner, n has the money and DSPR sclau.faraig CMPro. AKST has a daughter towards her father càmar.senamora of C requires a suicide abns tells you where treasure tnia father sun, and alliverat nbles RCU treasure tRNA MNF.

Renaissance: mov.cultural, political and literary publication Sinica Lany am dun 1833 poem: the Country, by Charles aribau. OO d km you recover the language and culture. cat. reinstatement of jks floral promotes cracio lite. crresponents sets and three prizes in the nation, faith and love. cnservadora poetry, cmpo. llnga ml with archaic, Mon Pasat glorious.Jacinto Verdaguer: 1o years Ntra to the seminar, cntacte am lesglsia. be ordained, but will any of evils and lenvien toward Cuba. during AKST tmps write "latlantida" tRNA in the Holy Land, in Folgueroles, then bcn home dune widow Rika and make out the return to reinstate. work: d jve wrote poemts, Tbucolic inspires the natura.algun damor am. JOK presents floral and known. Romanticism: it consolidates euro late eighteenth century. born Anglo and Alem. Trenka am on clasicisme above. Subj great. k exalts sntimn individualitt, IEL landscape. predilacció xl of the sntimn Tech. euro authors Lord Byron, Goethe, V.hugo, cat hyacinth v. Realism: mov surgex to Frnça, intention to kntra romanticime. R is just mstrarnos km, n are in the works obj TV. "Madame Bovary" Flaubert, "War and Peace" Tolstor "great hopes" Dickens.Jacinto Verdaguer: Canigó pattern. Modernism: mov cultural Artistik, late nineteenth obj:'m modernization. No Tech conservadonisme renaissance. europaitzacio ass cat. Angel Guimerà St Crux Tenerife moved to cat parents Guimera nexer Kuan was not married, pers mestiços, Pasat dark marginalized. "ground floor": Argus: Mon village chieftain Sebastian is jane (14) is a mill Lendu, Ntra frma PRT in the January d tt tb offered sex. sarruina am a house and want heiress. x clla ago rumons am married to the MRTA pijor (Manelic). live in high land, Kuan Baxa sen enriuen dell, MRTA is seguiex follan laltre ke up the Manelic descrubex, M S kills, MRTA and rises to high ground. Narcis Oller: valleys fmilia brgesa. Advokat was. 1877 floral motifs, ie x desidex adobtar write. Zola and his work known nat. "Butterfly", "strangle poor PROTA obses over money.Joan Maragall: cow blind boy destabilizing, solitude (Tmoder), "ode to Spain" monologue, not HIA metrika.

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