Literary and aesthetic characteristics of noucentisme

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Aesthetic and literary: ls aesthetic ideas of the gene were exposed x 14 Jose Ortega y Gasset: "The Dehumanization of Art" and "Ideas on the Novel". The 1st is 1 dl Vanguardismo analysis from 1 point of view very noucentista. The other trial, make 1 similar analysis, applying it, the narrative genre. / In aesthetics, ls d Noucentists have 1 common guidelines set different genres ls * ls reaction against nineteenth-century aftermath: the beginning d the new aesthetic . 1 leads to rejection trivial realism. / * Flight sentimentality dl: is 1 + d ls identified features of the new literature. / Dl * Abandonment impassioned and vehement in relation to the above, this discourse dl d flee exalted x attitudes serene. / * Intellectualism: is this new Physical Therapist currently vacant d own taste x the intellectual, the prejudice caused d x avoid the sentimental. Surge 1 Literature d minorities. / * Ideal d 1 pure art: all art leads to 1 cn 1 simple aesthetic pleasure. D'Ors proposes 1 Art arbitrary. / * Concern x language: in style, there is 1 d care how an idea caracterzado x d tension: d how easy it is shunned. The prose is full ade lyricism. / In front of Modernism and noventayochistas, Noucentisme excelled in intellectual and conceptual versus the sentimental, defending the pure art. All this is manifested in a calm tone Noucentists, scientific, and using the test for dissemination. They used the expressive richness and musicality of the modernists.

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