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LITERARY FEATURES-1 domain d the poetic function, the qutor not use language to convey information but q is d convert the message 2caracter an artistic innovator, he is forced to continually explore the expressive possibilities of language d. 3proceso derealized, x q is very realistic the play never reflected exactly this external world, but it decomposes q and rebuild it again in his own way and 4 connotation plurisignificado, when the terms do not mean an objective reality but become carriers q d elements affective and volitional and plurisignification adquirision d is the x part d new meanings of words in a given context. 5estructura recurrent literary work tends to be organized according to structures are repeated periodically q, q and q are related to different g º. BECQUER is considered the modern poet d 1 Spanish literature. Born in Seville, tried in his youth engage d painting as his family. Installed in Madrid I lived in squalorenter wrote in the press, he praises tuberculosis 20 years, then comes to hold the office d d censor novels. He married and separated because she d d infidelity, to reconcile d shortly before his death, at 34. Work, d all his poetry is grouped in the Rimas, d 80 short compositions composed a theme loving d d q is the initial happiness, to the anguish q texts reveal the past. Thus was established a thematic classification d rhymes in four successive series: poetry, love, loving desegaño anguish and death. Q style singles out within d Becquer and nineteenth-century Romantic poetry is its ability to overcome the rhetorical style, bombastic and declamatory d the early Romantics, to achieve a simple expression, emotional, inspiring and close the reader. Modernism in Hispanic literary movement born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and spread to Spain by Ruben Darío.En its formation process two movements had a decisive influence of French art. The "Parnassianism" (returnwith mythological themes and Greco-roman) and symbolism (attribution of subjective meanings to colors, shapes, beings, etc.). The Rise of Modernism was brief and can be considered finished by 1915, but its importance was crucial to the evolution of the Spanish poetry since it meant a complete renovation. Modernism fu, above all, a poetic movement but also cultivated the novel, the story and teatro.En Regarding matters are two main lines, which are matters of the past or exotic, which leads to the expression privacy of the poet and is detectable in both the trace of romanticism. The first line is the most representative escapist, the areas in which the modernist poet takes refuge in search of beauty are exotic places and ancient times. He built palaces, gardens, pagodas, as if they were decorated by the paraders knights, princesses, legendary warriors, swans, nymphs and centaurs. There are no geographical, Japan and Paris, Chile and Greece have cabgiven in the poem if it allows the setting of something beautiful. Eroticism and amoral behavior often seen as a sign of rebellious, anti-bourgeois spirit that beats in the back of the line modernista.La intimate attitude shines through the malaise of the poet with his surroundings. The love and the world are watched with melancholy eyes. There is a desire for wholeness that is impossible. In the poems that yearning and restlessness are framed in autumn or unpopulated landscapes, gardens crepuscular (dusk), clearly modernist poets romántica.Los root exploit all the possibilities of language for the beauty. The color is essential adjectives and chromatic runs the gamut. The modernist poet uses a rich vocabulary (neologisms, cultism, etc.) to create sonoridad.La musicality of the verse is another instrument that fits the themes and words. They are in front of the compositions. The musical sense is given by the skillful use of the metric. The modernists are inclined to the Alexandrian, or endecasyllable dodecasyllabic, little used so inTonces. Stress patterns of care provided to the musical rhythm poema.En Spain can be considered as the promoter of the movement to Salvador Rueda. But the most important figures of modernist poetry are Antonio Machado Solitudes, Galleries and Other Poems, and Juan Ramón Jiménez Arias sad, distant garden and La Soledad Sonora. Although both will evolve away from modernism. In these two authors and some other like Manuel Machado and Eduardo Marquina, poetry takes on a more intimate and is expressed in ways closer to the symbolism.
As for the fiction and drama we note the Sonatas Valle Inclán, and the current political theater called the work of Eduardo Marquina, the daughters of the Cid.

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