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postmortem love: love beyond death (eternal) love bonus: good love (spiritual) love Ferbus: wild love (bad = carnal love) love mixtus: complex spiritual and carnal love ille beatus: blessed is anyone (rural versus urban) carpe diem: enjoying the day Colligan, virgo, roses, caught, virgin the Rockets (juventudirrecuperable) contempus mundi: the world described puellae contempt to describe the young dum vivimus, live:while we live, we live irreparabile tempus fugit: Time passes irrevocably furor amoris: passionate love (causes loss of reason) Homo viator: male traveler (existence as a path) ignis amoris: the fire of love locus amoenus: city pleasant memento mori: remember that you die militia est vita hominis super terra: the life of man on earth is fight (fight against all) militia est species love: love is a kind of struggle (between lovers)

aequat omnia mors: death equals all (no discrimination) oculos Sicarii: homicidal eyes peregrinato vitae: the journey of life quomodo fabula, sic vita: as well as the theater is morimur quotidie life: we die every day recusatio: religious rejection amoris : love cult ruit Time: sic transit gloria mondi: thus passes worldly glory Somnium, imago mortis: the dream image of death Theatrum mundi: the world stageubi sunt: donde estan? (unknown death Vanitatis vanitas: Vanity of vanities (deception of appearances) varium at mutabile semper femina: variable and changeable, always the woman venatus amoris: love hunting vita flumen: river life as Somnium vita: life as a dream vita theatrum: life as theater militia vita:

life as a struggle

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