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Literature "in" The House of Bernarda Alba "the central theme is the struggle against tyranny-in" barren "the theme is motherhood-in theater is Hurco symbols of water, moon, and blood-horse in the Lorca theater, the protagonists are usually women frustrated - aineches wrote farces-pintoresa had a vision of a region and comic and popular class in the theater most of the works are set in madrid Arniches-valle_inclan was initializer renewalavant-garde theater-author of "between the carnation and the sword" is rafael alberti-author of "the painting is" alberti-author of "Pitura is lorca lorca-valle_inclan and playwrights have in common - the serra and salt have in common concerns picturesque-Becher, a.machado and Vicente Aleixandre, have in common sevilla-style poetry of the generation of 27 formal simplicity highlight x-ism is the serra is the Romanism. history a ladder: the action of the first act develops toward 1919.1920-the action of the 2nd act is developed by 1929, on the landing doors are 4-on Gate 1 sra lives. Generous-at port 2 Don Manuel lives in the doorway Do 4 livesNa Assumption lives at port 3 bale-dona dona fernando eshijo urban Assumption is the brother of Rose-elvira is the daughter of Don Manuel Don Manuel is the father-don elvira mnuel helps your damned and their neighbors-fernando is a handsome man, lazy and dreamy-elvira is a beautiful woman, spoiled and pampered-Urban is a man-carmina e suna umilde beautiful woman, simple and low-k elvira seeks Don Manuel Offer a job-elvira est a crazy x fernando, according to Don Mauel the handsome staircase xicomas-trini-bale is the daughter of the gossip of the day esk Dona asun failed to pay the bill says is unaa elvira k trini-CARMNES Lagant is a beautiful girl debonair - Donna asks fernando asun k xk has not gone to the stationary-fernando spends some time on the stair-landing in some urban BEREC him a cigar to fernando, both of Haran on sujs things are different-fernando smuy approach and treated urban a conversation in a site they called stairs casinillo-lo k fernadno says she suffers really is

Over time, "Rose was involved with called pepe-paco-paco pink golf pimp and independent flame-urban pepe pepe threatens to throw the stairwell-a city not like, so I mention this is kind k fernando elvira-foo considered with some brats and urban Fernando Manuel and Elvira know k in fernando gesture of disgust is Don Gregorio is the father-carmina carmina is clean and pleasant suve. A literary movements GOD d vanguard years dl sXX 10y20 Ismos call them. "Greguería Creator is De la Serna. Huiormo-Vincent is the founder mov dl. creationism. "The authors of the Genre. 27 were born at the turn of the century. "There is poetry nla subrealismo influence of Genre. 27''is defined as a mixture of humor and metaphor''thegreguerias. / / The author of''Sailor on earth''is Alberti. "The author of''The Voice''to you in life is Salinas. Is predominant theme of love-poetry of Pedro Salinas nla. - Rafael Alberti, Luis Lorca and Neruda are poets. "In the poetry of the Gener, dl 27 influences quite Lorca's work." Sonnet Cypress Silos''''is Gerardo Diego. / / The Douro''romance''is Gerardo Diego. - Sleepwalking Ballad''is''Lorca.''Chairs''Blessed is Jorge Guillem. / / The author of''vested interests''is Jacinto Benavente. - Impressions of a trip to the U.S. are reflected in Lorca's Poet in New York. "The light of the atlantic coast of Andalucia Albeti appears in poems. -''''The cabin is the title of a novel by Ibanez and Bias nameThe troupe of Federico Lorca. "Lorca and Alberti wouldalsoapply interested in painting." Carlos is Arriches playwright. "The desire for motherhood is the theme developed further in Yerma. - In 1972 marks the tercentenary of Gongora. "He Mennecke Silver Age to the first third-dl s.XX. novels Gomez de la Serna are full of joy." The primary objective is to create avant GOD. / / Federico Lorca wrote''Poem''cantejondo dl. "The poet used muxo gener.27 dla metaphor. - In gener. Andalucia has 27 + ke role the landscape of Castile. - Quote ke authors have written books with the word love:

Gerardo Diego, Altolaguirre, Salinas, Aleixandre, Lorca.

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