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Item 5: The narrative of the 70 `s until today.


The situation of the narrative in the years 1990 and 70.80 improvement on the post-war years. Amadeus Fabregat with `trial` s approach to "Falcons made fire Folles" made the transition from realism to `experimentalism. In the seventies the novel appeared to break, to break with the classic Tecnique Ferner and a new thematic in urban environments, with the problems of juveniles with sex and drugs as examples of rebellion. This literature is part of the counterculture, where there is a desire of opening to the world and new ways of being, thought and feeling. Authors such as Joseph Lozano Joseph-Louis Joseph continued and Gandia.
In eighty and ninety are returned to more classic forms and narrative storytelling, which demand a clearly developed argument and a narrative genre.
The narrative of the early topics like eighty juveniles with their problems but in the second part deals with the raw realism, which focuses on the critique of capitalist society today.
In the nineties there are more literaura genre's most successful sales with authors as Joseph Lozano, Isabel-Clara Simo and Quim Monza.

Item 6: Explain what extent the short stories by Quim Monza reflected contemporary society and what resources do.


Quim `Monza is the author of novels, short stories and most important Catalan literature along with American Geographers. We can distinguish two different stages in his creative career: an initial period comprising the first novel and the first volume of stories, and a second richer in production and interest. His narrative includes: three novels: L `howl of the gray on the edge of the gutter, Gasoline and the magnitude of the tragedy, seven volumes of short stories and novels and journalistic collaborations. As for his fictional work is a clear critical thinking light and compliant behavior that defines our time with a general theme that portrays a hedonistic society, consumerist desideolitzada today. The stories are a noticeable trend toward the maximum elision of superfluous Elmet, both in terms of fiction as regards the diction. Also concerned to collect and publish in book form previously published articles in the newspaper. Monsoon incorporates features of postmodern literature, not from ideology but from the identification of an outright opposition.

Item 7: Explain the contributions of Vicent Andres Estelles the poetic genre.


In his poems are constant allusions, direct or indirect suffering imposed by the regime. The fundamental themes of his poems are. Hunger, sex and death. Death reflects all events that has undergone during his life from dead relatives up to the issue of war and postwar. The everyday reality show extensively inventoried historical situations and personal impressions. The civic engagement makes a defense of civil and personal dignity. In the theme of love has a wide range of feelings that range from crude to more sex feelings espiritualitzats month.
The most outstanding characteristics of his poetic language are: use of `a language closer to everyday speech, motivated by two reasons;` approach to facilitate the readers and be faithful to the roots, using comparisons with a sound archaic use d `a adjectivació feature: repetition of words and phrases, polisíndeton, parody, metrical compositions, the poem and the poem confessional dialogue. Great poem: The book of wonders.

Item 8: Explains the most important characteristics of the poetic production Espriu Salvador.


Espriu is dedicated to all genres, but in the postwar period was focused on poetry. L `s` Work Espriu deploys a series of motifs and figures that correspond to the cosmos itself providing an idea of `unity and entirety. In poetry uses a variety of resources highlighting the preference for free verse by verse or. The expression `tour Language então full of symbolism related references mythological, literary and historical. His work revolves around Siner and Cambria. We can classify three blocks: the satirical, elegiac and the `civic. The first works: Cemetery Sinera, `Songs of Ariadne, The hours, Mrs. Death, The End of the wall and walkers maze, where a reflection of how to face death.
Stage sixties: In the book of psalms d `these old blind bull leather and book Sinera. Latest works: Easter shapes and words for good people. In the theater `s plot revolves around a woman` s struggle and once a victim of the basic components of the human condition. Works: First `Esther story, Antigone, Death around and Sinera Another Phaedra, please. His narrative work means a merciless satire that presents the world as a grotesque spectacle. Construction: Dr. Rip, Lais Ariadne and the labyrinth grotesque.

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