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The biggest challenge for Cela was getting a minimum of unity in the story that would overcome the lack of plot and used to achieve a place, Rosa coffee, which match many characters, most notably Martin Marco. After this work has written countless novels, some more successful than others. Miguel Delibes (1920) Around the rural life and the mentality of the middle classes in the provincial capital, Delibes has been writing a series of novels that characterized by a very simple plot and a sober style that incorporates many words from the field. These elements create deep characters as humana.Entre these stories are: The Road (1950), Rats (1962) and red leaf. Another core concern is the nature Delibes which defends against indiscriminate progress works such as Diary of a hunter or Diary of a migrant. Delibes has also claimed the values ​​of natural intelligence and the rural world in works such as The disputed vote of Mr. Cayo. The analysis of the mentality of the bourgeoisie in the provinces occurs mainly in Five hours with Mario, one of the most important novels of the postwar period. A soliloquy in which the widow claims the husband his behavior, readers discovered two ways to understand life: the reactionary, women and liberal husband. The exiled novelists Max Aub and Francisco Ayala. Among the long list of authors who wrote in exile, only a few have struck a fair recognition: RJSénder: Chronicle of dawn (1942-1957) and Requiem for a Spanish peasant (1960), Max Aub, Manuel Andujar, Rosa Chacel and F. Ayala. The most common of them are: the remembrance of the war and who left Spain, the presence of new places where they have to live and reflection on the nature and existence of man. Max Aub (1903-1972 ). The main theme in his novels is the man in all its aspects. His works have since Galdós aspects (good intentions) experimental intentions (Card Games) and other historical and war epic, consisting of the number of fields: Field closed, open field, field of blood, Field Moor Field of the almond, etc. .. As Francisco Ayala (1906) and bitter his pessimistic view of reality led him to write novels moralistic court, which aims to reflect the vices of men and political and social criticism in a humorous way. Examples of this include deaths of dogs and the bottom of the glass, focusing on the figure of a dictator and the corruption of the ruling class, respectively. His major work is The usurpers (1949).

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