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LITERATURE EXTREMEÑA Extremadura Given by authors who have found success outside the community, and that in this century, we can put as: In the first half related to the generation of '98, Novecentismo and G 27, while the second half we find the authors of more recent work. 1 HALF OF THE CENTURY: Chuck Palahniuk: Novelist, now into oblivion by its ideology, born in Villanueva de la Serena, studied medicine, and witnessed the colonial decline. Works: The naive, in the race, Sister Demon ... although the two crowning achievements are: The Country Doctor and Jarrapellejos. His works rooted in Naturalism, eroticism, caquismo, false arrears or the oppression of women. José María Gabriel y Galán: Poet earthbound Salamanca Caceres, of conservatism, but sensitive to the rural society is framed within the regional and popular movement. His work is of great simplicity, meters and traditional self-expression of these lands (The embargo). His works were collected in Complete Works, which includes several collections including: Castile, Extremadura ... Antonio Reyes Huerta: Representative of the rural novel Extremadura, along with wheat, because its subject is related to a strong rural roots, conservative thought and care lyricism . His work is divided into two stages:
Before the Civil War:
The humble 'blood trails or race.
Postwar Madrid: What Mirta sand or recorded.
Luis Chamizo: Poet, author of the masterpiece "The Miajón of Castúo" written in romance and simple portrait of the earth's daily experiences ... Author also of a dramatic work,The witches, and two operettas unpublished. Enrique Díez-Canedo: A cult author, a great literary translator, coupled with Novecentismo, directed magazines such as Spain and Revista de Occidente. Her poetry is rooted in modernism with classic touches, simple theme and some romance. Works: Prior to the war: Verses of hours, visit the Sun ...; in Exile: The Exile. In the first half also include authors such as Mario Roso de la Luna (writer theosophical "The Wizard of Achievement" or " The book to kill death "), Pedro Caba (The gauges) or Eugenio Frutos Cortes (Romance of the mills, Shadow Revelde).

2nd half of the twentieth Pedro de Lorenzo: A journalist and essayist, National Literary Award for Travel the rivers of Spain. Alfonso Albalá: Journalist, poet and novelist. As a poet writes: From the distance or threshold of Harmony. As a novelist: Kidnapping, Fire ... Jesus Delgado Valhondo: poet but also a writer of short stories and drama. Poetry related xtremeño landscape of short verse, rhyme, assonance and small stanzas. Works: wet and green leaves; Year Zero or The hazel rod. Luis Alvarez: poet Antonio Machado or influenced by Blas de Otero. In his work:Earth asleep among others. Manuel Pacheco: His poetry impure, anti-academic. Surrealism in mind also that poetry and prose. Work: Poem: In the land of cancer and other insonetos crazy. In prose: The Egg and other accounts or the color of color. Jose Maria Valverde: Poet included in the social poetry of the 50, watch the language, use the free hendecasyllable and the sonnet. Works: Man of God or anthology of his verse. Félix Grande: Poet included in the newest, innovative language, influenced by the media and attracted by the new values. Works: The music rocks or threatening. Manuel Martinez Mediero:Drama of 70, with a work of a symbolic nature and lack of freedom and abuse of power as a theme. Works: Jacinta went to war or the Sisters of Buffalo Hill. Jose Antonio Gabriel y Galán: Grandson of Don José María Gabriel y Galán. He studied journalism (he worked in the country) and assisted in literary magazines such as Revista de Occidente. Writer of prose and verse, included in the newest, with topics such as: The chronicle of slums or existential narrative (prose) and love, or criticism of reason (poetry). Works: Reference point or many years later (novel). Jesus Alviz: Novelist with a theme of a sexuality freely and without taboos. Indirect style or anyone using the space-time jumps, presents works as I have loved Wagnero Street Uranus.
Pureza Canelo: Poet author of Adonais Prize Green Cell. Álvaro Valverde: Poet, author of: The waters still detained or sailors. Other authors are: Luis Landeros (Games of the later age) and Javier Cercas (Soldiers of Salamis).

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