Literature of the early twentieth century: Novecento, vanguards and neopopularismo

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The Group of 27 poetic
The generation of 27 was a group of young authors noted for their poetry.
Disclosing the poets of the generation of 27 were Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillén, Gerardo Diego, Federico Gracia Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre, Rafael Alberti, Luis Cernuda and Damaso Alonso.
Generational Traits
Personal Relationships.
Consideration of these writers as a poetic generation is due to their birth dates close to the strong bonds of friendship that remained and the influence and cultural exchange that occurred between them.
Tribute to Gongora.
The name Generation of 27 refers to an event at the Ateneo de Sevilla in 1927 to commemorate the third anniversary of the death of Gongora, attended by most members of the group.
Common cultural backgrounds and interests.
The authors of 27 were actively involved in the cultural life of the time. Also participating in the publication of literary magazines such as verse and prose, Litoral, Gallo, etc. All they knew the Spanish literary tradition, both in its learned and popular, but also opened for a radical renewal of the avant-garde. The themes of love and nature live with praise of modern objects and classical and popular forms alternate with visual poems and free verse.
Classical influences and pure poetry
27 poets were influenced by the Spanish classics, especially by Gongora, and more recent authors like Becquer and Juan Ramón Jiménez.
THE classic influence is evident in the use of forms like the hendecasyllable, tenth, eighth and real sonnet, used in works such as Cal and singing, Alberti; Lark truth, Gerardo Diego, Eclogue, elegy and ode of Luis Cernuda, and Sonnets of Dark Love, de Gracia Lorca.
Becquer's presence is felt in the love poetry of Speech to reason properly and you love, Pedro Salinas, and Forbidden Pleasures and Donde habite el olvido, de Luis Cernuda. For his part, Juan Ramón Jiménez and his concept of pure poetry influenced Canticle of Jorge Guillén and Poemas puros, poemillas of the city of Damaso Alonso.
daily and perfection of nature.
Avant-garde poetry
The avant-garde movements that influenced the generation of '27 were, creationism, ultraism and surrealism.
The influence of ultraism and Surrealism is evident in two works by Gerardo Diego: Image and Manual foams, in regard to surrealism, his greatest influence lies in the use of images that do not respond to logic, but suggest a emotion.
Surrealist works are predominantly Poeta en Nueva York, Lorca, Los forbidden pleasures of Luis Cernuda, and Destruction or Love, by Vicente Aleixandre.

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