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7. Vicent Andres Estellés contributions to the poetic genre.
Estellés Vicent Andres Valencia is a poet who lived in the postwar period. The concept was that the poet was a man who connects with the words with the humble classes, includes s actually aware of historical realism, where the poet is part of the collectivity and the voice that denounces the injustices and suffering the village. The poet makes us a review of postwar life. Regarding the contributions to poetry, we must first highlight the three essential components of the literary language of the poet as the author follows the classical tradition, he employs the language and regulations in other works provides a more colloquial variant. Also note the value ai have a second person speech in his poems. The first person is the poetic I identified with the poem, but in other cases it represents the self anonymous collectivity. And the second person is to you that this is reflected limatge of self or a loved one. Finally we discuss the different tones that can be seen in his poem. Vicente A. employs an ironic, critical, obscene, evocative, depending on the subject. Its central themes are Lamor, death and the people and country (war). All these are issues that concern and are treated with a simple style and realism.

8.Explica the most important features of poetic production Salvador Espriu .
Salvador was Espriu Honour of Catalan Letters in 1972.És possibly the most international of our writers, was also proposed more than once for the Nobel Prize. Literary activity began as the narrator before the Civil War. In the postwar period, was devoted almost exclusively to the cultivation of poetry which stressed the symbolism and hermetic works. Around this time he tried to express his mood is dominated by the sadness of the world around him, even to the memory of this death and devastation caused by war. His work is very extensive. Problem was to reconcile a spiritual, almost metaphysical, with the problem of its people, subject to the policy represió and silence. His work is characterized both by the treatment in his formal preparation for the abundant use of rhetorical figures, as its projection which represents civil, with unusual strength, historical era he lived in the `author.

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