Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan

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Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan is the story of a girl named Sarah who lives with his parents in Brooklyn, New York. His mother, Vivian Allen takes care of his family and works at the hospital caring for the elderly, and his father is a plumber.
Sara is 10 years and she is a very freckled and thin that loves reading and fantasizing about stories her grandmother tells Rebecca. This is former music-hall singer of Broadway, and lives alone in Manhattan. Every Saturday the mother accompanies Sarah to bring him a strawberry cake to his grandmother, and during the journey Sara dreams of being free and going alone in Manhattan.
One day coming to Grandma and she is not, Sara is left alone looking through old letters from his grandmother. When she comes home eat the cake together and start talking about the Statue of Liberty and Sarah becomes obsessed with the statue.
One day after a car accident Sara's uncle, brother of the father dies and their parents have to go running to Chicago. Moreover Sara escapes to go to her grandmother's house alone. During the drive is lost on the subway and has remorse for having escaped. Then she meets Miss Mon
attic, an old woman, beggar woman who always is dressed in a rag and a broad-brimmed hat that covers her whole head. This woman is highly respected by the rich and why it is not so. He has nothing but not for anything. Just live life and that this does not need money because he achieves by helping others.
Among Lunatic and Miss Sara was born a great friendship from that day. While experiences are explained in a bar, a film director who was filming a movie, he decided to record them because they were going very well for his film. In when Miss Lunatic learns, is angry because the director was filming without permission. And to her that was violating their privacy, and left the bar.
After looking at a map to bequeath to the Statue of Liberty, Miss Lunatic gives Sara a very special coin will help you enter into a sewer to get to the statue. Then the woman and the girl goodbye, and Sara is left alone in Central Park.
In the park he meets Edgar Woolf who was walking. Woolf begins to speak and she offers him a piece of cake.He asks you to change the recipe to realize their desire to go in a limo alone. And both, each in a different limo, went to Grandma Sarah. Then E. Woolf asks Peter, the driver of Sara, who turns him over so he can get to Grandma's house before. But the journey was so long ago that Sarah was asleep, and when he wakes Peter asks the driver to take you to Battery Park.
When they get there, Sara escapes to go into the gutter and put the coin in the slot that allows you to reach the Statue of Liberty. But Sarah is unlucky and the driver refused her passage, and takes her grandmother's home.
Finally, Sara arrives at Grandma's house and finds Rebecca dancing with E. Woolf. That's when she decides to leave without anyone to see and experience the freedom to go alone by taxi to the slot of the culvert to help you get to the Statue of Liberty.

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