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I was born in Paraguay in a town called luque, through the 16 years of my life there and I liked it because it was a quiet and where all the locals knew each other people. Shared with neighbors and friends came to my house to eat and play.
the village people are more friendly and open. With my friends we were playing in the field among the trees and flowers, we were playing in the sand after all that that wonderful childhood things were changing as sometimes in the field wages are lower and not enough to the economy of the home that is one of the disadvantages of living in a village. Things are a bit more expensive because they bring in big cities
then my family decided to come to Spain to work and I got to come and live in a city like Malaga, beautiful and I love it because I have the beach close I have beautiful and natural parks is a Mediterranean tropical city with good weather the disadvantage that would have is that there many cars and buses as all cities.The life I have here is livelier than it had in the village because work and study because large cities are more demanding and there is much more labor demand and there is no kindness and villages

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