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dear editor

i'm writting this letter to tell you about the complaints and disadvaantages of pollution in the city aviles.

Firstly, is an industrial and desenly populated city. I and most people in this town think taht has a large contamination for different reasons: Outside aviles all are factories that realease smoke, toxic waste and other types of wastes generated by this pollution. Secondly, lot of people don't respect the streets of the ria,littering the sewers as paper, plastic, and even bateries, this makes the water of our ria and seas remain polluted and affecting the environment of this city reaching affect other cities. In my opinion, i think you should call attention somehow making recycling programs , putting more bins, besides many factories to avoid all this in order to have cleaner city.

There are more people agree with this protest that i would like to take into account these types of suggestios of the people of this city.

Thank you for your attention 

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