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Life in a large city

Living in a large city has a lot of advantages.
First of all, large cities have plenty of opportunities for everything. In the First place, big cities give chances for employment, in particular for young People who move to urban areas so that they can get better jobs and educational Institutions as well.
Moreover, large cities offer different places for leisure time like movies, Theaters, museums, sport and culture events.
Finally living in a large city appears more interesting because it gives possibility To meet and socialize with new people in contrasttosmall towns or villages Where there is not much social life at all.

Saving the planet

I think we all can do something to preserve our environment.
Firstly, we have to stop using aerosols becausethatdestroys The ozone layer. In addition to this, there are several things we must do in Order to solve environmental problems, for instance to find alternatives Sources of energy, recycle waste and stop cutting down the forests as well.
In conclusion it seems to me that saving the planet is everybody's Responsibility, in particular it is power stations and a lot of factories which Cause contamination.

My last vacations

Last year my aunt and I travelled to Argentina. We were a week in The country's capital. The name of the capital is Buenos Aires. I liked so much Buenos Aires. It's really nice.
The weather was very sunny and hot, because we came there on summer.
We visited the museum of the Senate, the cemetery of the poor, "Caminito Tango" and other tourist sites. I liked so much Caminito Tango, because There were manycouplesdancing tango.Tango is the typical dance From Argentina and it's really nice.
Every morning we walked the streets, and then we went shopping and bought so Many gifts for our family.
We took the Subte (subway) too and walkedall Overthe City.
At night we went out for dinner and ate pizza. I loved pizza, I liked it so Much. We ate too much meat, bread and tasted wine and beer.
This travel was wonderful and I liked it so much.

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