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Sidney is one of the most amazing cities in the world, at least for me.It is located in the east of Australia , an interesting country.It is well-known because of its weather conditions and its beaches. On the one band you will notice it's a modern town with some huge skyscraper of grass, you can take the lift and go up, the view from the top is impressive .Despite this , Sidney has also an historic helmet.Visitors should plan on going with a tourist guide so they know a little of the city's historic that is so interesting.Sidney is considered one of the most visited places. Furthermore , you will never forget the splendid paintings in its walls, they are really artworks , people don't almost visit museums. Even if this is not enough , in Sydney you can swim with turtles, an exotic activity people love. This is probably the best place you will see in life , in fact , most of the people returns. It's a great destination to spend a holiday with your couple.

Advantages and Disadvantages of living in the country

It is said that living in the country is better than living in the city , because of that, nowadays there are so many people who leave the city.But is living in the country so good? On the one band , the advantages.First of all we can consider  the fact that the country side is less polluted and the traffic is not so heavy.In addition , in the country you are free to admire the breathtaking landscapes such as huge peaceful bills or forests.More over, living in the country is cheaper and you can get a house with garden where you can organize barbecues with friends and things like that. On the other hand , there also some disadvantages .Firstly , there are fewer places of entertainment or services, you need a car to go to the cinema , wall, hospital, to meet your friends...Secondly , there aren't so many opportunities to get a job , so you will have to travel to get to your place of work and this can be expensive and exhausting. In conclusion , despite of the advantages the country has if I had to choose , I would live in the city.

Many people want to become famous and appear on the tv , but is it good or not?

When you are famous , you have many fans Who love you , they want to be like you and wait for you at the airports and hotels.You sign autographs and you can be a trend.Even without fans you can have glamorous lifestyle for example you stay in the best hotel of the city.In addition , you are sorrounded by a crew willing to help you and a result you have the most fashionable clothes. However, the lack of privacy is something important. When you are famous there are always some paparazzi following you around and taking photos , what's more those photos will appear on tv. Furthermore , when you have fame many people know and you not know their intentions , so fame brings you need bodyguards. To sum up , I believe that being famous can be interesting for a day but no more. I would go mad if people know my private life.

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