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-11-12-Prevention of tooth decay: ad. Fluorine-fissure sealing ---- dieta.reducir-sugar-balanced diet to reduce intake between meals - plaque: hygiene brush, hili, plaque control
Classification of 1caries occlusal cavities-premolares.2iterproximales molars, occlusal, distal, oclusomecial.oclusodital, meseooclusciodistal, 3 incisors and canines borderless, 4 incisors and canines with edges, 5 faces smooth-Instrumental rotational features of each. -- Turbine-high speed about 100,000 rpm, is used abrade or pierce very hard material and dentin .- against Angle - Low speed compared with the turbine 40.000rpm around. is used to remove dentine-Adapter - adapts to both the turbine and the micronator-Strawberry - used to polish -Scheme Application form of fluorine. Systematic-water, drop, tablet - a professional-gels, varnishes - autoaplicación-pasta mouthwash, weekly or daily-application of gel-material-material, dental floss, team rotation, bucket, vacuum-fluoride and Proce - preparation mat, low-speed brush, thread, take action bucket, gel tray, place in mouth, squeezing, 4min. clean gauze, no food 1 hour P.alto caries risk - has 4 or + active caries, tooth 4 or + or + parts-4 on smooth surfaces Optura-treatment-sugar control, drug intake, booster, 2 limp . a year, 2 per day cloricilina each meal brushing dental wax
t13-white lesions candidiasis - COLOR-infection manifested change outlined area less defined without mucosal elevation MUCS material, poisoning, natural pigment-enf.gla.salivales-silialitias,sialadenitis, siliadenitis, salivary tumor pathologies gladulares symptom, not saliva oxerostemia, cyst infection, cyst infection flemon.tratamiento.s.artificial-dental-caries pulpitis pulp root canal reaches notrata moves apex hueso.produce contast with infection, pain apical periodontitis. These deletions destrucion circular nose bone and periodontal abseso. ing hamlets spread tissues and neoplasia unflemon-cancer-cresimiento tejido.benigno not riesgomaligno afesta apitelio.3-5% tumors per.psicologica. common cancer-extraction-stripping lips, dislocation, treachery, curettage-type qururguco, dient destroyed, hard including implant-utilization-first-ostomy, titanium-strength bio-dis suitable as jaw-vides a patient sele-histora implate hygiene clinic analysis, additional test-analyze bone densities, mineral and sanguine estdo hemetologico radiograph of the patient

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