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Homeostasis: It's the maintance of a constant internal enviroment in the body. Eg. Constant temperature, water balance, etc.

Nervous system: the nervous system collects information about changes inside and outside the body, decides how the body should respond and controls that response.
            -brain: protected by the skull.
parts:  -spinal cord: protected by the vertebral column
            -peripheral nervous system: nerves outside the brain and the                                                                                                            spinal cord

Neurons: the nervous system consist of a cast number of cells called neurons, supported by a special type of connective tissue, neuroglia.
Neurons cannot divide and for survival they need oxygen and glucose.
Neurons have:  -irritability: they initiate nerve inpulses in reponse to                                        stimuli from outside or inside the body
                         -conductivity: ability to transmit a impulse.

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