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Limited Liability Company. It is a capitalist society that was just right for cn business partners and require a figure that n eleveda of capital.Caracteristicas:
The membership number is one or more
The responsibility that the money injected MLCBI
The share capital is divided into parts = participaciones.Estas are cumulative and indivisible capital of a society that n lim res can join negotiable.
The minimum capital is € 3005.06 fully subscribed and paid
Business name must consist of the name followed by <sociedad responsibility limitada> or <sociedad limitada>
This company is taxed on the corporate tax.
Such a society must constitute a public deed that must be registered within 2 months in the commercial register. in this script must be among other things, the articles of association and Enste must contain:
The name of the company
The object
The registered office
Social capital
The todeal organize the administration
The other lawful agreements and special conditions that the partners see fit to establish.

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